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Here’s a list of the actors considered for the Spider-Man role in the MCU

Let the discussion start. Which of these actor do you want to be the new Spider-Man?

Back in 2012 and 2014, Andrew Garfield did a great job playing Peter Parker. The character was poorly written and unrelatable like in the comics. However, no one can deny Garfield worked hard when he had that role in his control.

Life goes on, Marvel and Sony made a deal to have Spider-Man in the MCU and now the studio needs a new actor. A good friend, Jeff Sneider of The Wrap broke the story.

While Sony and Marvel had no comment on the shortlist, these the actors considered for the role of Peter Parker.

Nat Wolff, best known for his role in The Fault in our Stars. He will be next to Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns.

Tom Holland, the kid from The Impossible.

Timothee Chalamet from Interstellar

Liam James best known for 2012 and The Way, Way Back

Asa Butterfield, a kid who worked with Martin Scorsese on Hugo. Butterfield also gained the main role in Ender’s Game.

Something curious about this shortlist is they are just finding someone who looks like a teenager and who can sign a deal for multiple movies. Spider-Man is only going to have a cameo in Captain America: Civil War since the central characters in the film are – obviously – going to be Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Black Panther. The third installment in the Captain America series will film very soon. The role of Peter Parker won’t be filled until June, when the character is needed.

Like a said, I’m intrigued about this shortlist. If it’s true, Marvel and Sony are not only looking for a young actor, they’re looking for any kind of actor. There’s diversity in heights and ages. Wolff is the older and taller from the bunch, being 20 years old and 1,85m tall. Asa Butterfield is 1,78m tall while the other two are 1,70m and 1,68m.

Interesting fact about this is that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, said the suit design is done, so according to that, they already have an actor. I mean, they should, looks at those heights. Physically, they’re very different people and the suit has to be on point for whoever is being cast as the new Spider-Man.

Personally, I would go with Tom Holland. The kid looks like a nice fit for the character and his awkwardness is quite Peter Parkerish.

Drew Goddard is the frontrunner to direct the new Spider-Man adaptation to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rumored title is Spectacular Spider-Man and it’s set to hit cinemas July 28, 2017.

Who should be the new Spider-Man?

Source: The Wrap

Drew Goddard to write/direct the new Spider-Man film for Marvel

Amazing news. Seems that one of the most underused talent out there is going to be writing and directing the new Spider-Man movie. I’m not using the term “underused” as a bad thing. I believe Drew Goddard is a genius. If you don’t know Drew, he directed The Cabin in the Woods  and worked on movies like CloverfieldWorld War Z (where he fixed the ending). Don’t forget that he has credit in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. One of his projects, Robopocalypse, never came to life, unfortunately.

Goddard worked on the pilot of Marvel’s Daredevil – which people say it’s really good – and left to make Sinister Six for Sony. But as you may know, the Spider-Man franchise that was in development at Sony is now dead after the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. His Sinister Six project died with the franchise and the film went quiet now that Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If what Latino-Review is reporting is true – and I trust these guys – Drew Goddard is now developing a new Spider-Man movie for Marvel, which is coming in 2017. The film will have the title: Spectacular Spider-Man and according to the source, the audience is not getting another origin story. And, they’re right, why do we need another origin story? In first place: We all know Spider-Man’s origin story and second of all: he will appear in a Marvel movie before his solo film.

In this story Spidey is in high school and he goes against Iron Man while he tries to join the Avengers. Like the Amazing Spider-Man #1 where he tried to join the Fantastic Four. Also, the Latino-Review’s source add that the Sinister Six will be formed by the end of the first film.

It seems that Spidey is finally getting a great movie. The second Spider-Man movie was great, but that was back in 2004. A fresh take on the character is what we want, with new situations and more stuff to look forward.

Source: Latino-Review