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The Rock will star in the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA remake

There are a lot of movies that can be remade. Big Trouble in Little China is not one of them. Not only because there’s is no way improve that movie. It’s very fun and the CGI is quite good, but unlike something like Point Break, there is no way to make a new version of Big Trouble in Little China without messing up.

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The new Fantastic Four trailer is online

The new Fantastic Four is here, and it’s surprinsingly very good.

All this week I’ve been saying that anything is going to top that awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that came out on Thursday, but this is brighter that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Why do I compare it to the darkness of another movie? Well, the Fantastic Four new adaptation was a more serious and dark take on these characters. It definitely looks grounded at some points, but man, it looks good. We get that the first look at Doom, which looks exactly like that image that was posted on Geek Broadside almost a year ago. It’s exciting to see all these characters coming together. They interact so well, there’s fun. A serious take where we can find joy and excitement.

The trailer looks fantastic. Pun intended.

I wrote a rant last year about this movie, where I told the studios to adapt the properties properly. I said many times in that article that this movie is going to suck (and I’d love to be proven wrong). That being said, after watching a butt-ass nude Thing in action, Fantastic Four looks very promising. I’m in.

The Thing looks right, but does he wear pants?

Empire gave us today the first clear look at The Thing from Josh Trank’s new adaptation of the Fantastic Four. After I saw set pictures, I was afraid that they were going to some kind of grey Thing, but this represents I was wrong.


I have two problems with how this character looks like, and they are not exactly a big deal. First, we never seem to get the character right, but I don’t really know how much expression will this new Thing will have on his face. There’s a thing about the comic books that make this character so special, and it’s the fact that it’s almost unadaptable in the live-action form. This guy is a cartoon, basically. He has no proportion. His jaw has been something they never get like the comic book version of the character.

Second issue: is The Thing going to wear pants? We have a clear look at his face in this picture, but we don’t see his full body. Will he be butt-ass nude during his screentime? Or does the Thing has a suit, or some pants?

The character looks very cool, and I think the color and design is more than great. Let’s just see the movie, and I hope this guy has expressions since Bell did some motion capture for his character.

Source: Empire