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David Ayer reveals the Suicide Squad and Deadshot in costume

There’s no movie that is bad because of the costumes the actors are using, but man… Suicide Squad looks weird. These looks are not even bad, they’re just odd.

While I’m proud that Harley Quinn doesn’t look like Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie looks quite different. Definitely not what I was expecting.

After watching this picture, one question comes into my mind: What is wrong with Warner Bros. and DC? Do they have a plan? A vision? The Hollywood Reporter published an article about Warner’s situation with all their superhero films, which isn’t exactly bad, but it’s definitely not okay.

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Frank Miller comes back to DC Comics to conclude his Dark Knight Returns saga

It’s a smart move to announce a new comic book series written by  Frank Miller since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is heavily influenced by Th Dark Knight Returns. DC Entertainment announced the third and final part of The Dark Knight Returns. The new series written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello is going to be called: The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.


An artist has not been announced yet, but Brian Azzarello is a great addition to that team. In case you don’t know who Azzarello is, he wrote Joker, 100 Bullets, Wonder Woman, and Batman. Brian is a very talented writer. The Master Race will be published twice a month starting this fall.

Frank Miller stated,

“Batman remains my favorite comic book hero and a sequel to Dark Knight is going to be daunting, but we’ll do our best.”

Additional to this, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, co-publishers of DC Entertainment said,

The story he and Brian have crafted is an astounding and triumphant conclusion to this seminal body of work which influenced and shaped generations of readers and creators alike.

Also, according to Brian Azzarello,

It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Frank these past six months. I think we have an epic story that these characters truly deserve.

By the way, look at the ink sketch I did. Miller, I can be the artist, Miller.

The Dark Knight Returns by Marv Castillo.
The Dark Knight Returns by Marv Castillo.

All of this sounds good so far. The Dark Knight Strikes Again a comic book with the story of a Batman who develops a underground fighting force. In the series, also written by Miller, The Caped Crusader has to fight an overpowered and insane Dick Grayson. The story which hit shelves in 2002 also features Batman teaming up with other DC heroes to fight against Lex Luthor and Brainiac. The Dark Knight Strikes Again didn’t gained a lot of critical acclaim, making The Dark Knight Returns the best in the series.

Source: Collider

Weekly Art: Wonder Woman

Weekly Art #3: Wonder Woman lost its director sometime ago. Patty Jenkins came to replace Michelle MacLaren, and here’s a portrait Jaimie Alexander dressed as Wonder Woman. There were rumors more than a year ago that she could play that character, but the actress has a contract with Marvel Studios and we have Gadot. Many people are saying Gadot is going to be awesome as Wonder Woman… and I’m not talking about fans and bloggers, I’m talking about people involved in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This is what I have, I may upload a new one soon with Gadot’s face.

Wonder Woman by Marv Castillo
Wonder Woman by Marv Castillo

Batman v Superman trailer is here

The trailer leaked some hours ago. Many trades have been putting a link to their site, but Geek Broadside is not here to do that. Warner Bros. is very unhappy about this. The release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was about to be an IMAX event. People were getting tickets to enter an IMAX theatre only to see this trailer.

The 15 last seconds of the trailer were leaked and uploaded all over Instagram, when we are not able to listen properly to the new Batman’s voice since the quality of the video was beyond terrible. Last night the full trailer leaked online and already has more than 6 million views. I saw it, everyone saw it. The quality of the video is bad, again. And just like the other 15 seconds, it has subtitles written in portuguese. What I’m hearing is the source of the leak is brazilian, a guy on Twitter with the username @MuDragon who uploaded the video which was taken down by Warner Bros.

The little teaser for a teaser backfired. See why that’s a stupid idea? If you say a trailer for a highly anticipated movie is coming out in four days people will try to find it earlier. The team involved in the film wanted to take Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer spotlight, and that’s what they get. Anyways…

Like I mentioned before, I saw the trailer. It’s good, but not very good. However this is better than the thing I was expected. Many people like the take on this characters with Zack Snyder and good for them, his take on Superman hurts me. Batman in the other hand looks very cruel and he is a living nightmare. Just like Frank Miller wrote him in The Dark Knight Returns, very nice.

This version of the trailer is too dark and gritty for its own good. There’s absolute no joy here. While the Star Wars trailer was fun to watch, what this trailer does no nothing more but intriguing and showing beautifully shot images.

Superman is a pretty hated figure in this film. Being familiar with scenes of the script, there are some fun moments in the movie, but this trailer just wanted to be cool and grim. When something is too serious it gets silly at times, I hope this is not the case with Dawn of Justice. At the very end of the video after the serious – surprisingly good – dialogue we see Batman in his Dark Knight Returns armored costume and he says: “Tell me… do you bleed? You will.” Which is actually a pretty good line. Then Superman comes to the ground to start one of the few fights they have in the film. The other villain is under wraps and probably they he will a surprise for many when the movie comes out next year.

But what really calls my attention is Batman’s voice. What Ben Affleck is using for this movie is something similar to Christian Bale’s voice when he was in costume, back in the Nolan era. The Batman voice was something that many times took me out of the films. I love the Dark Knight Trilogy, but let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that the voice sometimes came out as silly. Maybe this is how Ben Affleck sounds when he is inside the armor. I just hope the voice is different. I would love the voice to be menacing, not like a growling man who wants to be scary in front of a group of kids.

I’m afraid about this movie since Man of Steel was so bad, but the few fantastic elements here and the take on Batman make me hopeful. My initial feelings towards the trailer were bad, but after the third viewing, I think this movie may be good.

Update: Warner Bros. decided to upload the extended teaser some minutes ago. Let’s make this a lesson. No more trailers for trailers.

Also, the voice is very good. The quality of the leaked version was very bad and the audio was terrible. Batman’s voice sounds pretty good, so far. This take is not the laughable growl that turned ridiculous by the third Nolan movie. The images are clear now and most of the trailer makes perfect sense. It looks very intriguing. This sets up the hype.

Here’s my conclusion: The extended teaser looks awesome, but there’s no joy or fun. What do you think about the trailer? Answer in the comments below!

Wonder Woman has a great, new director

Earlier this week, reports came out that Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman because of creative differences. Like I said, this is not only a problem she had with Warner Bros. but Zack Snyder is the guy who has the – almost – definitive vision of this universe.  Zack Snyder wanted the movie to be set in the Crimean War, while MacLaren wanted WWI. Also, Steve Trevor (her boyfriend in the comics) was going to be portrayed as some kind of damsel in distress. That would be a fun twist to see on the big screen, but it clearly depends on how the character is written. If the character is incompetent, then the audience will question why someone like Diana would have him as a sentimental partner.

Warner Bros. has a new director for Wonder Woman and the lucky woman is Patty Jenkins who was previusly attach to direct Thor: The Dark World, but left the project because of creative differences with Marvel. Jenkins has not directed a movie since the great Monster, so it will be interesting to see what her vision is for one the most famous female characters and arguably the most important female character in the history of comic books.

The studio deserves an applause for getting a director for their production so fast, but let’s see if this doesn’t fall again, since Jenkins had creatives differences previously when she was working in another superhero movie. This may change and maybe she agreed to everything Warner Bros. is asking to be in the movie. I like the choice, she’s a great director. Wonder Woman is back on track again.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Amanda Waller has an interesting thing inside her trophy case

El Mayimbe from Latino-Review strikes again. He has a lot of access, probably more than anyone in the film journalism world, to the Suicide Squad screenplay. He even knows how Deadshot is going to look like in the movie, and now he gives some interesting details about Amanda Waller.

According to Viola Davis, her character is brutal. Waller is a badass, she is unapologetic and has no humor. In the movie she owns a trophy case in the lower levels of the prision where she keeps all the “superpowered metahumans. But, what does she have inside that case?

Spoilers from Suicide Squad ahead, and probably Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Umberto Gonzalez states this is a rumor, but he has been hitting the nail lately with all of his Suicide Squad scoops. Amanda Waller has Aquaman’s trident in her trophy case. This thickens the plot of Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Aquaman only has some kind of cameo in the movie, but what is going to happen in that movie? How did she come into the trident’s possession? Does this plays a role in the upcoming Aquaman movie or Justice League?

Mystery is good. Is nice to see that Warner Bros. and DC are actually building an universe because that wasn’t the plan when they first released Man of Steel. Throwing Batman into the sequel was a movie to save Superman’s franchise since a movie based on this character made what a Marvel B-lister does nowadays. Having so many (yet little) links between these movies is great. I just expect these films to be self-contained, and less “You have to see Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad to understand what happens in Justice League Part I“.

Source: Latino-Review.

Here’s a peek of Jared Leto’s Joker hair from Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s hair stylist posted a picture of the actor’s new hair for the next movie after Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuicide Squad where Leto’s has a role as The Joker.

The picture was deleted, but many sites where able to pick it up and posted the picture online. Judging by this picture, is clear that they’re not going to have some kind very realistic Joker just like Chris Nolan did in The Dark Knight. Director David Ayer is approaching a different kind of Joker, probably one we have never seen before in the big screen.

The director previously teased the fans by posting a picture of Leto in his Twitter account, but the picture was nothing more than a confirmation that this is not some The Dark Knight Joker with dirty green long hair and war paint.

This is clearly a normal picture of his new bleach blode hair with an Instagram filter, but what do you guys think about this new take on the Joker?


Source: Batman-News.

Joel Kinnaman may replace Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad

By: Marv Castillo

Tom Hardy was supposed to play Rick Flag in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. Rumors said his agenda was full and there is no chance for him to shoot this movie if it’s going to come out in 2016. Other sites claim Hardy didn’t like the script and he left the project.

Jake Gyllenhaal turned down the role and now it seems we have our Rick Flag and it’s the new Robocop. Joel Kinnaman will take the role according to The Wrap.

Kinnaman is good. He was likeable in the last Robocop movie and we will have to wait and see him in Run All Night, but it seems like a decent choice. We never seen this character in the big screen and the character is not even that well-known in the comic books. Joel has the chance to own the role and mold it however he wants.

I heard good stuff about the script and under David Ayer’s direction this movie could be good. Kinnaman has talent, I’m just bummed by the fact that one of my favorite actors left the film in the first place. The actor joins a big cast which includes Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, and Cara Delevigne.

Source: The Wrap.