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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 19-20)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 19 and 20.

In which: The Ball of Death begins. Mare can’t stop thinking about the targets that the Scarlet Guard will eliminate at the ball. Mare and the royal family greet everyone at the ball including the targets. Colonel Macanthos, however seems to be friendly towards Mare and that makes her feel sad. Belicos Leloran, the next target greets them as well. Mare regrets for a moment he choice. Cal, Evangeline, Maven and Mare go to the dance zone and begin to dance. MARE FEELS BAD BECAUSE SHE KISSED AND PRACTICED WITH CAL. After a while they sit to rest. Kilorn comes dressed as a servant and waits for the signal. Mare gives the signal.


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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 17-18)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 17 and 18.

In which:  Everything gets fucked up. Maven tries to stop the fight but fails. Cal and Maven exchange worried glances. Mare is scared to fight and tries to stop the challenge but fails. Cal tries to stop the fight too but fails. The fight begins. Evangeline creates metal spiders that begin to attack Mare. Mare keeps Evangeline at ease with her lightning. Suddenly, a razor leg cuts Mare’s face and her red blood comes out. Maven comes running to save Mare and avoid her red blood to be seen. Mare asks to be taken to Julian. A LOT of tension can be felt between Julian and Maven, they hate each other. Julian calls for Sara Skonos, a healer that heals Mare. Maven and Julian argue about secrets and lies. The Queen appears and Mare insults her. The Queen attacks Mare and throws her against the wall without even touching her. Maven gets angry at his mom and pushes her away. The Queen stares and Maven and forgets about Mare. Mare leaves, looking back to see both The Queen and Maven angrily staring at each other. Cal’s Silver legion gets chosen to be the first Silver legion to fight at the front with the reds, dressed as reds and serving with reds. After the dinner Cal appears at Mare’s room and invites her to dance. She accepts.

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 15-16)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 15 and 16.

In which:  Mare’s schedule is changed. A message from the Scarlet Guard comes in and Mare finds out Walsh is a member of the Scarlet Guard. Mare finally gets to train with everyone else. The instructor comes in and shuts down everyone’s powers. After running and practicing with her powers Mare goes to Julian’s lesson. Julian reveals his powers, he is a singer. He gets mad when he talks about his sister, the former queen.

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 14)

Hello everyone! Now that i’m halfway through the book i would like to thank every single person out there who constantly reads my series. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as i enjoy writing them.

Alright, let’s continue with chapter 14, this was a really long chapter so i decided to make a separate article for it.

In which: Maven takes Mare to Cal’s room. Maven talks with Cal to take Mare to her home. Mare sees the armors and war books with notes inside them. She can only think about what Cal has done with them. Cal body is full of bruises and scars even though he can ask the healers to remove them. Cal takes Mare to his cycle(which is basically a motorcycle).  Cal reveals the reason why he goes out to Red bars. Mare gets to her home. She sees her brother Bree. Tramy shows up, then her Dad, Mom and Gisa. Mare introduces Cal as a servant. Mare’s family reveal to her that Shade is dead. In that moment electrical energy comes to Mare’s body. Everything in the house overcharges. Kilorn appears to make Mare control herself. Every member of Mare’s family and Kilorn discover her powers. Kilorn gets angry at Mare. Mare explains everything to her family. Mare goes to Will’s house. Will knows everything that is happening. Tristan, Scarlet Guard’s lieutenant comes from behind a curtain.  Will discover that Cal is hiding in the woods and Tristan gets mad. Mare drops Tristan to the floor and they argue. Mare joins The Scarlet Guard. Mare goes back to Cal. Cal senses someone watching them and set his hands on fire. It is Kilorn. Cal calls Mare. Kilorn holds Mare. Cal releases a wave of heat against them and gets mad. Kilorn tells Mare that he’ll greet Farley in her name. 

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 12 – 13)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 12 and 13.

In which: Mare begins to learn how to behave as a proper Silver. Friendship between Mare and Lucas begins to grow. Mare attends to her first class with Lady Blonos. Mare gets to see how Cal, Maven and Evangeline train with their powers while she learns to be a “lady”. Mare gets confronted by The Panther, head of House Iral. Mare gets nervous when The Panther mentions that Mareenas’s father and mother had blue eyes and she doesn’t. The Queen appears just in time to save Mare.

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 10 – 11)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 10 and 11.

In which: The Queen lies to all the Silver houses about Mare’s origin. Mare is oficially announced as Maven betrothed. Cal picks Evangelina to be his betrothed. Evangelina reveals her psychopath side and threatens Mare. The king reminds everyone that The Scarlet Guard is small and insignificant. Maven whispers Mare all the names of the Silver houses so she can learn them. Volo Samos, makes a toast for Evangelina, the future queen, and the feast ends.

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 8 – 9)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 8 and 9.

In which: The Queen(a Whisper) messes up with Mare’s head. Mare wakes up in a cage. Mare meets Lucas Samos, a Magnetron cousin of Evangelina, and the guard who takes her to meet the king. Mare is taken to the king chamber where she stands in front of the King, Queen and both princes. The king comes up with a lie to hide Mare’s true nature. Mare gets engaged with Maven, one of the princes. Mare’s is now Lady Mareena Titanos, born to Lady Nora Nolle Titanos and Lord Ethan Titanos, general of the Iron Legion. Heiress to House Titanos a very powerful lost High House. In exchange of the while acting as a Silver princess Mare asks the king to release her brothers from war and keep Kilorn from being taken to it. The king makes her wish come true.

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Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 6 – 7)

Welcome back to Red Queen reading! It’s now time for chapters 6 and 7.

In which: A security search in Mare’s house is not as usual at it seems. Mare is taken to Summerton,where  she meets Walsh a Red royal servant. Mare finds out she’s been hired by the king himself to work. The Queenstrial begins. Silver houses attend to show their best daughter to the prince in order to marry him and become Queen. Tiberias Calore the Sixth, King of Norta, Flame of the North speaks and introduces his 2 sons. One of them is Cal. (Remember him?)

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