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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promo images give a better look at the fighters

At this point everyone knows how Ben Affleck will look like in the Batman costume. Early last week, a picture of the Batfleck was going around many sites. These pictures could be a bit spoiler-filled. I’m just gonna post the first promo art that contains Batman and Superman. If you feel like looking at the armor that the Caped Crusader will use to fight agains the Man of Steel, you can continue reading. I got these in my e-mail yesterday, but someone came up with it earlier.

batman1 superman1

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Batman v Superman trailer is here

The trailer leaked some hours ago. Many trades have been putting a link to their site, but Geek Broadside is not here to do that. Warner Bros. is very unhappy about this. The release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was about to be an IMAX event. People were getting tickets to enter an IMAX theatre only to see this trailer.

The 15 last seconds of the trailer were leaked and uploaded all over Instagram, when we are not able to listen properly to the new Batman’s voice since the quality of the video was beyond terrible. Last night the full trailer leaked online and already has more than 6 million views. I saw it, everyone saw it. The quality of the video is bad, again. And just like the other 15 seconds, it has subtitles written in portuguese. What I’m hearing is the source of the leak is brazilian, a guy on Twitter with the username @MuDragon who uploaded the video which was taken down by Warner Bros.

The little teaser for a teaser backfired. See why that’s a stupid idea? If you say a trailer for a highly anticipated movie is coming out in four days people will try to find it earlier. The team involved in the film wanted to take Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer spotlight, and that’s what they get. Anyways…

Like I mentioned before, I saw the trailer. It’s good, but not very good. However this is better than the thing I was expected. Many people like the take on this characters with Zack Snyder and good for them, his take on Superman hurts me. Batman in the other hand looks very cruel and he is a living nightmare. Just like Frank Miller wrote him in The Dark Knight Returns, very nice.

This version of the trailer is too dark and gritty for its own good. There’s absolute no joy here. While the Star Wars trailer was fun to watch, what this trailer does no nothing more but intriguing and showing beautifully shot images.

Superman is a pretty hated figure in this film. Being familiar with scenes of the script, there are some fun moments in the movie, but this trailer just wanted to be cool and grim. When something is too serious it gets silly at times, I hope this is not the case with Dawn of Justice. At the very end of the video after the serious – surprisingly good – dialogue we see Batman in his Dark Knight Returns armored costume and he says: “Tell me… do you bleed? You will.” Which is actually a pretty good line. Then Superman comes to the ground to start one of the few fights they have in the film. The other villain is under wraps and probably they he will a surprise for many when the movie comes out next year.

But what really calls my attention is Batman’s voice. What Ben Affleck is using for this movie is something similar to Christian Bale’s voice when he was in costume, back in the Nolan era. The Batman voice was something that many times took me out of the films. I love the Dark Knight Trilogy, but let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that the voice sometimes came out as silly. Maybe this is how Ben Affleck sounds when he is inside the armor. I just hope the voice is different. I would love the voice to be menacing, not like a growling man who wants to be scary in front of a group of kids.

I’m afraid about this movie since Man of Steel was so bad, but the few fantastic elements here and the take on Batman make me hopeful. My initial feelings towards the trailer were bad, but after the third viewing, I think this movie may be good.

Update: Warner Bros. decided to upload the extended teaser some minutes ago. Let’s make this a lesson. No more trailers for trailers.

Also, the voice is very good. The quality of the leaked version was very bad and the audio was terrible. Batman’s voice sounds pretty good, so far. This take is not the laughable growl that turned ridiculous by the third Nolan movie. The images are clear now and most of the trailer makes perfect sense. It looks very intriguing. This sets up the hype.

Here’s my conclusion: The extended teaser looks awesome, but there’s no joy or fun. What do you think about the trailer? Answer in the comments below!