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Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions

After a lot of hype and an incredible Beta, The Division is finally here!

Ubisoft promised us a great in all aspects, some might even dare to call it “the next Destiny” because of what it offers and what it is supposed to accomplish. However, The Division does not try to be Destiny and it shouldn’t, Destiny unique design, gameplay, story and practially everything gave it its success and The Division has the same in its own way and Ubisoft did a great work here.

I’ve not explored the game at its fullest yet, however after playing the Beta and the first 3 hours of the full game the review in progress is now here!

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Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills has been cancelled

Silent Hills looked like an incredible piece work. Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima has been cancelled. The news came yesterday at the San Francisco Film Festival during a Q&A were Del Toro was participating.

As of right now, there’s no comments from Del Toro, Kojima or Konami has made any statements to reveal what happened. Norman Reedus, actor in The Walking Dead and main character of the new game, said via Twitter,

Super bummed about this, was really looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll come back around. Sorry everyone.

Even if Reedus role is only acting and he is not involved in other areas of the video game. Maybe the reason could be budget, creative differences or Kojima’s ongoing falling-out with Komami. If he says it could come back, I assume there’s an internal problem that has to do with what I mentioned before. That’s just me.

These are sad news for gamers, but mainly for the Silent Hill fans out there who where looking forward to this game. Guillermo Del Toro’s Silent Hills looked like something special. That playable teaser was truly terrifying. Other thing that comes to my mind: How much work was completed in this game?

Users who don’t have the playable teaser still have one second chance to get it from the PSN, clearly only for PS4 owners. The game is listed under P.T. and the demo will be available until April 29th.

Update: Guillermo del Toro, told IGN it is his end of the collaboration with Kojima. Not the end of the game. Konami has not made any comments which leaves doubt. Is Silent Hills going to be made?

Game Review – Dragon Age: Inquisition


Those were the words that came to my mind when i was peacefully walking in The Hinterlands and a dragon came out of nowhere and killed my entire party with 1 attack.

I will be honest with you, i’ve never played the Dragon Age series before, and i was really interested in playing them but never got the games, now that i finally have one i must say that i’m impressed. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the most complex games i’ve played so far.

No wonder this game won Game of the Year award. Visuals, story, dialogues, interactions, enemies and even the most worthless NPC’s in this game are truly unique.


I’ll will begin by talking about the Tactical Mode/View introduced in this game. I’ve found it to be very helpful, i can’t basically fight without using it atleast twice in a battle. It allows you to completely stop the time and just move around the battlefield checking every single creature status, you can command your characters by making then hold a position, attack a certain enemy or use a certain skill. This comes very handy, specially when the AI sucks sometimes and won’t use a class properly, such as Rogues. After you command your characters you can advanced the time at any rate you want and observe the flow of the battle, allowing you to make immediate changes in the strategy that will help you to come out victorious even in the most terrible situations.



Another thing that i loved about this game is the way you can expand your inner circle of members. Every single character has a different personality and will act different in every situation. When picking your party members it all comes to preferences and playing styles.

Now, i will try not to spoil anything fom the story itself, but i’ll just comment how deep it is and how well made the world is. Every map has unique quests that will allow you to explore every corner of it, from simply rescuing a Druffalo to killing an-almost-inmortal dragon you just won’t get bored. Just remember to leave The Hinterlands, there are far better looking and interesting maps. People usually stay there for hours(as i did), or even days because it is the first map, but you can come back at anytime and complete every single quest, even if you complete the main story line.

As for the sex romance, it is actually really fun how you make other people fall in love with you, and there are no strings in this area. That means if you’re an elf you can make a dwarf fall in love with you. Or if you’re a guy you can make another guy fall in love with you, it is all up to preferences there.


Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141104095324Also, i love the variety of mounts you can find here, this type of game is usually restricted to horses or even no mount. In Dragon Age: Inquisition you can even mount an unicorn.

I have not forgotten the multiplayer, i was impressed at how deep it is as well. The whole process to unlock a new character is quite long and tired, but it is all worth it, the bad taste comes when you end up with a party of newbies that have no idea how their class works and won’t even use their headset. But if you forget that it is amazing.

Anyways, not everything is perfect. It does have visual glitches and constant frame drops on the cut scenes but that’s expected because there a lot of things happening at the same time in this game. However, everything else just shines.

You won’t regret playing this game over and over specially because some of the dialogue options allow you to make NPC’s react differently and this will completely change the way you’ll end up playing and saving the world.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a MUST for the RPGs lovers out there, trust me you’ll need to find an excuse to stop playing it.









Game Review – Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Ever thought Dark Souls II couldn’t get any harder? Well think twice, because Scholar of the First Sin is the most challenging game in the Souls Series out there.

Drastic changes made this game truly deserve the title of “Definitive Edition”, running at 60fps wtih 1080p resolution is a huge improvement if you have in mind that the original Dark Souls II was a total disappointment due to a massive downgrade in the graphics, however this version is still a long shot of what was visually promised.

Leaving all the visuals aside, i was glad when i read the game would feature new enemy placement, for example i  was not expecting an Ogre to be waiting for me in The Forest of the Fallen Giants, i mean i just spent the first hour of my gameplay killing the Ogre in Things Betwixt and now you’re making me face another one surrounded by undead soldiers? Feeling my pain now?

Tears aside, i love the new feeling that this brings to the game, transforming all the “safe areas” in the game and turning them in hell? I’m in.


Talking about hell, one of the things that make Scholar of the First Sin truly unique is the fixed multiplayer. Player count has been increased to 6 per match, you’re now able to see how many players are online in each area, and in addition to being able to connect with people in NG+ and beyond, you can now control your Soul Memory so it’s easier to find and summon your friends. This totally transforms the way multiplayer is held in the game now. Being able to be invaded by 5 Reds at the same time? Okay, now that doesn’t sounds fun at all, but just imagine the siege that you’ll have there.

Anyways, Scholar of the First Sin isn’t just another remaster title, it is the complete remake of an awesome game making it even better. If you never played Dark Souls II you may want to get your hands on a copy of Scholar of the First Sin and play it right away. This is the kind of game that will make your nerves and anxiety rise, if you’ve had sweaty hands while playing a game and never felt your heart beating in a crazy way you’ll with this game.

9-10 dark souls

The Last Of Us movie is moving forward

By: Marv Castillo

Neil Druckmann, writer and director of The Last of Us (which is probably my favorite game ever) recently talked about the movie adaptation of the video game. We have good news for all the fans of the video game who are afraid of a live action adaptation of this glorious material. It will be faithful to the game, but Neil said it will have some changes. Here’s what he said in an interview with GameInformer:

Pretty faithful to the game. There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story’s trying to say is pretty faithful to the game.

This is really obvious, and people who played this game and video games in general have to understand that you will not have the same thing in the big screen. A video game is like a six hour experience that you live in a different way than some people. I’m glad this movie which is produced by Sam Raimi is moving forward. Druckmann said the second draft is done, and the fact that this will feel like the game makes me happy.

Source: GameInformer