Book Reading: The Alloy of Law(Ch.1-3)

Be advised: this book reading contains spoilers for the original Mistborn trilogy and this trilogy.

Ignoring the military warning above, i am ready to begin with another book reading, this time i will read The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson! A fantasy novel that takes place 300 years after the events of the first Mistborn trilogy. Science and technology have marched on and Scadrial is now on the verge of modernity. Even magic has advanced, Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role in this new world.

Our main character is Waxilliam Ladrian, a Twinborn who can push with his Allomancy and use Feruchemy to change his weight at will.

Let’s begin already! Welcome to The Alloy of Law book reading.

In Which:

Wax kills Lessie by mistake in the Epilogue. Wax has been living for the last twenty years in the Roughs(marginal area). Wax returns to Elendel, and i find out he is actually a Lord, Lord Waxillium. Wax doesn’t feel like he belongs to the noble life and decides to leave the party in which he was. Wax found a fight and he got ready for it. However in the moment of shooting he heard a woman screaming  and he froze, an image of Lessie came to his mind(he shot her in the head by mistake).

After a moment the constables(police) arrived and Wax left, only then he realized there was no woman around. Wax returned to his mansion. Tillaume(servant) gave him a sermon about the Ladrian House needing him and he decided to become High Lord of House Ladrian.

Months later Waxillium gets to meet his soon-to-be bride, Steris Harms. Before Lord and Lady Harms arrive, Wax finds out that he’s lost another steel shipment. Shortly before Lord and Lady Harms entered in the room Wax found out that Wayne(his friends out in the Roughs) was inside the room and Wayne acts as Wax’s uncle. Steris gives Wayne the “contract” of their relationship. Wayne uses his powers to create a speed bubble and speak in private with Wax. He tries to convince Wax to go back and help him find the ‘Vanishers'(the ones that stole his steel) but Wax declines.

After the meeting with Harms is over Wayne stays to talk with Wax. He tries once again to convince him but Wayne knows  House Ladrian needs him and he rejects Wayne’s offer to uncover the truth.

After Wayne leaves Wax returns to his desk and begins a research on the robberies. He finds a lot of inconsistency in the information he has and everything around the Vanishers. He finds out the robbiers weren’t about money, they were about the captives they were taking. After a while he remembers Lessie’s death and stops.


An amazing trilogy has been created. The sequel of Mistborn is simply outstanding, i love the way the references to the first trilogy are either subtle or obvious. Most of them are so good that it feels like something real and something that could’ve happened in another time in another world.

Leaving that aside, Wax is an amazing main character, the pain that Lessie’s death left is a burden for him. Everytime she comes into his mind he freezes and this is something that might cause problems in the future.

The main focus right now is uncovering the truth behind the Vanishers, a group of thieves that began to steal metals without being seen but have recently begun to take captives, whose Wax believes are people directly connected to Allomancy.

So far so good, loving the trilogy and everything about it. Can’t wait to read and write more about it. Stay tuned for more!


Memorable quote(s):

The ‘agreement’ turned out to be a large document at least twenty page long.

Lord Harms coughed into his hand. “I suggested she write down her thoughts,” he said. “And… well, my daughter is a very thorough woman.”

“I sugges that you never ask her to pass the milk.”  Wayne added under his breath, so only Waxillium could hear. “As she seems likely to throw a cow at you, just to be certain the job is done thoroughly.”

Allomantic Powers found:

Crasher[Coinshot(steelpush)+Skimmer(change weight)]

First trilogy references:

Waxillium Ladrian himself, who is a decendant of Breeze.

The new god Harmony(Sazed) created from Preservation and Ruin.

Lady Aving Cett, familiar of Lord Ashweather Cett. We can now suspect that his family survived the Final Empire war and grew up as a wealthy family among the noble ranks.

Survivor of the Ascendant Warrior.(unsure – Vin or Spook)

Mistborns are now mythological creatures.

The mists still exist.

Religions are direct references to the first trilogy, such as The Path, those who follow Harmony himself, although he prohibits worshipping him.

Survivorists(evolution of Church of the Survivor) they worship Kelsier and Vin.

Faceless Immortals.(Unsure – servant of Harmony)

Augustin Tekiel, direct descendant of Tevidian Tekiel(Vin’s father). Thus a very strong bloodline.


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