Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions

After a lot of hype and an incredible Beta, The Division is finally here!

Ubisoft promised us a great in all aspects, some might even dare to call it “the next Destiny” because of what it offers and what it is supposed to accomplish. However, The Division does not try to be Destiny and it shouldn’t, Destiny unique design, gameplay, story and practially everything gave it its success and The Division has the same in its own way and Ubisoft did a great work here.

I’ve not explored the game at its fullest yet, however after playing the Beta and the first 3 hours of the full game the review in progress is now here!


The Division’s story is based in a virus, but not the “zombie infected” type of virus, it is a huge smallpox outbreak that causes infected people to die in a quick way, the transmission of this virus began by an unknown group that placed it on banknotes.

The Division itself refers to a group of secret agents that as defined as a group that “are called when everything else has failed” and they must “save what remains”. The Division is made up of several agents from all around U.S that are infiltrated in different places having a normal life until called to duty.

Our main mission, besides restoring order, is to discover the source of the virus and stop it once and for all before it spreads to even further places.


Giving the lack of customization in The Division’s beta i didn’t expect a great deal in the full game.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160308131612

And so, my thoughts and expectations became real when i began to create my first agent, the lack of in-depth customization in The Division is quite notorious. Given today’s huge customization in various games i was waiting for something more complex, however the  moment you realize that this game is an online RPG  then you know the customization can’t be too deep nor too shallow.


The gameplay feels great. The game is both proactive and reactively good, the menu and map look gorgeous and it feels carefully crafted. The interface, although it is amazing, feels crowded at times.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160308131752
Crowded over here

I was happy to see a huge amount of players in the launch, and how it ran smoothly, no lag, d/c problems and or glitches so far. The only bug i’ve encountered is the first mission bug which can be easily fixed by logging in and out. But even with that issue the game is still great on day 1.

Speaking of which the combat  is amazing, although it is similar to GTA V and MGS V: PP because of its third person shooter way, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great. The cover system makes the game feel more real and will invite the players to think more strategically when fighting both NPCs and other players.

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160308132822
Cover System

Dark Zone

Although i haven’t gone into the Dark Zone yet, i got a taste of it in the Beta and it was wonderful. The way that players can either interact or kill each other makes things way more interesting. This doesn’t work for “lone wolves” type of players because being alone in the Dark Zone makes you an easy target and greatly decreases your survivability chances. It is imperative to enter the Dark Zone with atleast someone else in your group, or if you’re alone do NOT shoot an enemy group — as i did once– because this will cause you to go into a “Rogue” state in which you can be hunted down and killed by every non-Rogue agent.

Final thoughts

Ubisoft promised a great game and gave us one. The Division is a game that is worth giving a shot if you love shooters and RPG. Even if you don’t like PvE that much you still have the Dark Zone to spend your time killing other players as much as you’d like.

The customization might be shallow, but the gameplay, story and graphics are great and will make up for every other aspect of the game.

The Division is a must play for RPG lovers.



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