This GHOSTBUSTERS international trailer is actually good

Count me in.

Last week Sony released the first trailer for the long awaited Ghostbusters reboot and it got a horrible response and ndestandbly so, because the trailer released last week was cringe-worthy. Bad editing plus flat jokes doesn’t make anyone interested in a movie, and the marketing team behind Ghostbusters commited that sin. After that first trailer I lost interest and hope. I’m one of the people happy because we are getting a new Ghostbusters team formed by girls, so before you think that I didn’t like the trailer because the new Ghostbusters are women, keep in mind I’m glad the studio made that choice.

The international trailer contains more footage. It’s almost the same thing that we saw last week but with arrangements that managed to hype the movie a bit more. Also, note how the changed “scientists” to “friends”. I’m glad we had the chance to see Hemsworth’s comedy chops in this one and better footage. I actually laughed with this one. I’m in!

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