New X-MEN APOCALYPSE features the Four Horsemen

Apocalypse shows his crew in the latest poster.

Fox is a bit known for horribly marketing their X-Men movies. With Deadpool, it seems that the X-Franchise found a new way to promote their movies. Deadpool has the best marketing campaign since Cloverfield (Cloverfield’s marketing was beyond great, admit it even if you didn’t enjoy the movie). I believe that X-Men can’t top that since the characters are not as playful as Deadpool, but hey, this is good marketing and nice poster.

Apocalypse, who I thought was poorly designed for the live-action adaptation, doesn’t look bad. In fact, the title villain looks pretty good and menacing. I love the composition of the poster and how the Storm, Psylocke, Angel and Magneto are highlighted. Keep it up, Fox. You’re getting me excited for this one!



X-Men: Apocalypse opens May, 27th.

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