BATMAN V SUPERMAN gets new TV spots

… which are bits taken from previous trailers. But there’s a cool rooftop fight.


This movie is so weird. It feels like you’re about to get married but you suspect your girlfriend has been unfaithful. You know what I mean? I’m excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’m just afraid of what can happen in that movie.

The marketing campaign for this has been quite hit or miss. One trailer is good and shows you an actual movie about Batman versus Superman with the right tone that Zack Snyder is aiming at, other is really bad and shows you Doomsday about to fight the Trinity, and the last one is a pretty good Batman-oriented trailer.

This week Batman v Superman released some TV spots which show nothing new. Actually, the spots are bits from previous trailers and they even have the same music. But, hey, they need to get the hype up for this movie. One of them shows the superhero match, and reveals a little new piece of dialog said by the new intimidating Batman. The other TV spot looks a bit more Wonder Woman-oriented. The spots are good and they are boosting my hopes for the movie, but what do you think? The rooftop fight in the other hand looks amazing. Holy shit.

We are days away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens on March 25.

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