Here’s your first look at Michael Fassbender in ASSASSINS CREED

Look at those knives.

It seems that the game adaptation has been in production since the beginning of time, but Assassins Creed is finally shooting tomorrow. Today Yahoo! unveiled the first picture of Michael Fassbender in full suit. Fassbender is playing a character named Callum Lynch who is new to the series. In the movie, Fassbender will unlock the genetic memories of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th century Spain and use them to fight his villain in modern day.

The costume looks very nice. Fassbender wears something faithful to the source material. I like the texture. He must be sweating, though.

asscreedfass_1200_1200_81_s (1)

There’s some things I don’t really enjoy of the Assassins Creed series, first one is that I’m completely lost right now. There’s like hundreds of games and I don’t know which one I should buy, so I’m confused. Second thing is the modern day scenes. I like when I’m playing in that period. I believe the movie has to stay in 15 century Spain as much as possible and spend very little time in modern day, but it doesn’t look like the movie is taking that route.

Let’s just hope this bring some justice to video games. Assassins Creed could be the first good video game movie, who knows? Michael Fassbender passion in this project makes it look that way.

Source: Yahoo!


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