George Miller will direct MAN OF STEEL 2

Superman will take the Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road has to be my favorite of 2015 so far. What George Miller accomplished with Fury Road was unbelievable. I can’t praise the movie enough, I said that on my review back when the movie came out. I loved Mad Max: Fury Road.

This is the best news ever. I assume Zack Snyder will be very busy with his Justice League movies, so Warner Bros, fascinated by George Miller’s latest movie, just had to give him one of their most important movies.

I heard about this some days ago, probably two weeks. Miller was attached what was supposed to direct the Justice League movie that would start the DC Extended Universe back in 2009. However, the movie was never made even if the script for Justice League: Mortal was done and the project had a cast. I tried to believe what the source told me, but the thought that Miller may not have the best relationship with DC Entertainment came in. It was just a thought. Early this week I heard that George Miller directing Man of Steel 2 was a done deal, but still it sounded like a lie to me. However this seems to be confirmed by Jon Schnepp director of the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

As you guys know, I don’t like Man of Steel. So getting a new director for the sequel – and, who knows? Maybe carry the rest of the franchise – is the best news ever because Miller is one of those directors who know how to make a good movie with compelling characters, a nice story and great action.


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