A post-apocalypctic Zorro is on the way

And I thought Dracula Untold was Hollywood’s last bad idea.

It’s okay to take a character and adapt to whatever concept you have in mind, just don’t go too crazy with it. That’s why I think some movies like Dracula 2000 or last year’s Dracula Untold don’t work. I really like to see this characters in the time and place where they belong. I’m open to new visions, as long they’re good.

That’s why these news about the latest Zorro reboot bum me out. I would like to see a new Zorro movie set in old California. I would like to see that kind of western and not the post-apocalyptic version that is being planned right now. It makes no sense to me.

The concept of a post-apocalyptic world is terribly overused. Last year I pitched a short film to some friends. A little drama set in world full of zombies. Very grounded. My friends got incredibly excited, but one of them would stop complaining about the post-apocalyptic world… and he’s right. There’s too much of these movies and a big part of post-apocalyptic films are bad.

A few years ago a concept teaser trailer hit the web, and it was exactly what I imagined. It looks like a fan film. I assume they’re taking ideas from Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road now that the film is moving forward. However, Zorro Reborn has no directors, writers or actors attached to it yet.

I’m not crazy about the Zorro reboot, but what about you?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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