Look: The first STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE cast photo

With Felicity Jones looking beautiful as usual and Donnie Yen!

For some odd reason, some  people got really mad at my latest rant where I pointed out that asking Fox to sell the rights of the Fantastic Four to Marvel was nonsense. So, let’s clean the site and add some news. D23 is happening right now. We have plenty of things to report like the Captain America: Civil War first footage as well as Doctor Strange‘s.

Disney is also releasing some Star Wars news and new content for you to freak out. The poster by Drew Struzan was revealed, but also the first cast photo of Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One was released.

Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk will be in the film too. Mads will be portraying a high class cannibal. It’s great to see Donnie Yen sitting with the crew. Also, I love Felicity Jones, I’m so happy she looks like the lead of the movie.

Everyone wants to The Force Awakens, and I’m excited for that too, but Gareth Edward’s Rogue One looks very promising. I can’t wait for this one… the whole concept and cast is something to look forward.

Source: Star Wars


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