What will Spider-Man’s suits will look like in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR?

Apparently, your friendly neighborhood will wear more than one costume.

It was not long ago when Birth.Movies.Death‘s Devin Faraci found a mysterious Twitter account that seemed to be controled by the Russo Brothers, which uploaded some very cryptic images related to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Among the images there was some kind of fabric and something that looked like mechanical googles.

Kevin Feige said that Peter Parker will wear a homemade version of the classic suit, which lines up to these pictures. If the images released on Twitter are indeed photos of the new Spider-Man suit, maybe the mechanical googles will make Parker able to express some emotions through his mask. And the fabric could be like a sweater or jacket with red and black.

D23, will start this weekend, maybe we will get the first Captain America: Civil War trailer and maybe there’s a glimpse of Spider-Man. The trailer, I believe, won’t be released online, but writers will publish their reactions and breakdowns.

Here’s art by SpykeSDM, from DeviantArt, who created this piece. It’s purely guess work, but perhaps this is close to what Spidey will look like in Civil War. I don’t think that Peter Parker will not wear any shoes, but the sweater, googles, and knee pads look like things that could be in a homemade version of the classic suit.

To enforce the rumor that Spidey will have more than one suit, El Mayimbe, from Heroic Hollywood says the following:

“Spider-Man has the teenage home made version of the suit in the beginning of Civil War and Tony Stark gives him an upgrade towards the end of the film with the traditional blue and red color scheme.”  

Marvel Studios want to set up the definitive version of Spider-Man. I believe – just like everyone else in the movie blogs – that Spider-Man will wear the suit that we saw in the classic Amazing Fantasy where he was first introduced. I imagine the suit will look like the a mix between Raimi’s Spider-Man and the last suit used in Marc Webb’s 2014 movie. What I’m trying to say is: maybe the new suit is the same we saw in the last movie, but with darker colors. Who knows, maybe he will also have the underarm webbing. That would be great.

Anyways, we will have to wait and see. There’s no images out there of the official new suit, but we all like to speculate. How do you think the Spider-Man suits will look like?


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