This is your first look at Black Panther in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

What matters is the guy the behind him. Why is he there? There’s a little nugget in this report!

I really hated this day. This broke minutes before I had to see the doctor. I wasn’t able to report it right away, but here we go.

Early today, an Instagram picture hit the web and it showed us none other than Black Panther himself. Who knows if this is Chadwick Boseman, if I would have to bet money on it, I would say this is an stunt double. But that’s not really important. What matters here is that Marvel Studios is sticking to the design the showed at the Marvel Event last year, and that design is really cool. The touches of silver and the ears look great. I love it.

Here’s the picture. Scroll down to read a tiny spoiler of Captain America: Civil War.

BlackPanther and WinterSoldier

So, the quality is not the best in the world, but there’s two things two point out. The first was mentioned below: is the same suit. The other one is that Black Panther has Bucky Barnes behind him. Yes, this is a geek blog, but what says to you I don’t have sources?

I’ve been sitting on this, but Black Panther and Barnes fight on opposite sides. Not only that, I’ve been told that Black Panther is hunting Bucky Barnes. Maybe they switch sides as the movie progresses? Or Black Panther captures Winter Soldier and then finds out he is not bad and fights with him instead of against him?

Source: Meyerfotos


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