There are big changes coming to Geek Broadside

Can we just go full Marvel Studios and call this “Phase Two”?

Geek Broadside is now a year old blog. That’s nuts.

I started this little site because my friends usually like when I talk about movies and news about them. Many told me to write film reviews as well. If I started a blog, they could just read here my thoughts any time they wanted to. This has never been a serious project and Geek Broadside doesn’t have a huge amount of traffic, but it has faithful readers, and I love that. Maybe it’s time to be more serious about this.

Recently I brought in my friend Daniel Castellano, a guy who loves books and video games. The perfect addition for this site. He started Book Readings, which was a hit here (and it’s coming back!). Also, John Ervin – a guy who I used to work with in comic books – joined the site. And sometimes we have some freelancers writing cool articles here. So, it got serious. I have two writers here and I’ve written 240 articles here. I want to make this an actual site. For those who don’t know, I’m an university student. I study Industrial Engineering, I worked at hitRECord on the first two seasons as a screenwriter and illustrator (and will continue to do that next year). I also worked at Marvel as an artist for a while. That means I don’t really have a lot of time. Same happens with Daniel, he is also an engineering student, with a part time job. And we both have girlfriends, because we are that handsome (that, or these poor girls are blind as guy whose eyes don’t work). Anyways, why am I telling you this? Because our schedule is very tight, but I love what Geek Broadside became and I will take this to the next level and make space to work on this.

So, I’m buying a domain… soon. I’ve doing my research, and I want to make Geek Broadside an outlet and an actual website. Months passed and we built a little community, which is great. People read my reviews, which is awesome. There’s people who visit this site everyday, and that’s mindblowing. Other mindblowing event is there’s people from studios such as Fox who read what I write. I’ve been invited to premieres, some filmmakers ask me to review their movies. That’s insane.

Why a domain? First, I won’t lie, I want to install some ads… I’ll explain why later, we are not selling ourselves out! Second of all, Disqus. That tool I just mentioned is amazing, you guys will be able to comment with your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account without the need of login in every time or writing your e-mail adress. That way we can create some kind of mini forum about news, where we can discuss! Third reason is: it gives more access to have more things in the site and for some reason, it validates us.

I have to explain the ads thing to you. If Geek Broadside has a domain, we will be able to place some ads, just a few ones. This will pay the site, because let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of income from Google Adsense and I can’t pay my writers some kind of salary. This is full passion. Also, because of the fact that there will beĀ some income, we are now obligated to publish new content every day, for you guys. That will become a responsability. Sometimes we skip days or a full week here, but that’s not happening anymore. So, yeah, we are moving! We will bring more content, more reviews, and we hope you enjoy the new Geek Broadside. T

hanks everyone so much for the support. We will see you soon!


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