Rumor: Ben Affleck signed on for three standalone BATMAN movies

Is there a new Batman trilogy in the works?

There’s a new report at Den of Geek, which manifests that Warner Bros. just offered to extend Ben Affleck’s contract in the DC Extended Universe. This means Affleck will not only star and direct in one solo Batman movie, he is going to to that other two times. Apparently there’s a new Batman trilogy coming. The Dark Knight is DC’s most popular character, by far. Superman is a powerful character that people like, but Batman is another deal. People absolutely love Batman and this rumor makes sense.

Also, to back up the rumor published on Den of Geek, Ben Affleck’s movies such as The Accountant and Live by the Night have been pushed back on the schedule. This gives Affleck more space to play Batman all the time Warner Bros. want him to play the Caped Crusader.

If you don’t like Ben Affleck as Batman, well I just recommend you to prepare. If this rumor turns out to be true – give it a week or so, and we will find out – Affleck will be the first actor to play Batman seven times on the big screen. Ben Affleck will be on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League: Part I, Justice League: Part II, and add this three solo films that are being reported. Also, let’s remember Warner Bros. is kinda following the map traced by Marvel Studios. I don’t believe the DC Extended Universe will have “phases” but we can agree that they’re making franchises out of the movies they announced last year. We could see Ben Affleck in more Justice League sequels and perhaps filming cameos for other movies in the future.

The site also reports that the Warner Bros. execs were at a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice screening and it got an standing ovation. This happened with Man of Steel too, back in 2013, and that doesn’t make me more or less excited for the movie. I fell on this trap before and I thought Man of Steel will be the greatest Superman movie and that wasn’t true. I want to see the movie and I want it to be great, but an standing ovation from the execs does nothing for me. I just see as: “This movie will make us a lot of money!”

I like Ben Affleck’s Batman, this is not an issue for me. But what about you guys? Does it make you excited?

Source: Den of Geek


2 thoughts on “Rumor: Ben Affleck signed on for three standalone BATMAN movies”

  1. I feel like they are really attempting to jump the gun on this one, but I also see why they would want to rope Affleck in now. If BVS and Suicide Squad do well in theaters, WB is going to want to milk that for all they can get.

    1. Me too, I believe is way too early to extend contracts without knowing how well the DC movie will do in theatres, but Affleck turned into a good actor and a great director. It makes sense they want him for more DCEU movies.

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