Is Kraven the Hunter the next SPIDER-MAN villain?

Will they adapt Kraven’s Last Hunt?

It’s not very often when here at Geek Broadside we talk about rumors. In the end of the day, many of those rumors are never true and many are fabricated by a website that roots for clicks… but I think this is very true, because it makes sense.

In recent interviews with Kevin Feige he expressed they want to have a new villain in the next Spider-Man movie, someone we never seen before. That’s great, because we had too many Goblins. If you think about it, there’s been a Goblin in at least three movies. It’s also a very good decision because in terms of villains, Spider-Man is like Marvel’s Batman, he has some of the best villains in the Marvel Universe. The people in Spidey’s rogue gallery are just weird and very unique, and it’s about time to use some more of them.

The rumor comes from El Mayimbe’s Heroic Hollywood and it states that the people at Sony’s story department are doing research on Kraven the Hunter.

I was rooting for him or the Vulture to be on the movie, so hearing this makes me very happy. We need small, yet dangerous villains for this movie, like Yellowjacket (no pun intended). Why? Because it serves the movie in the best way it can. We saw massive destruction in the last three Spider-Man movie. Even in the hero didn’t save the entire word, these films were never street level, and street level is just the right thing for a Spider-Man movie.

Kraven is great, he is insane, and there’s two other reasons I have for you that could make think this is the villain we need for the reboot. First of all, is fresh. Not only Kraven has never seen before, but he is different that the other villains in the previous movies: he is not connected to Peter in any way. Second, in the times we live now Kraven will be perceived in a very different way than we he first showed up in the comics. Trophy hunting is horrible nowadays and it will make this guy even worse. Many decades ago, the fact that he was an actual hunter made him look kinda badass, but today trophy hunting is sick and judging by the way people reacted to the killing of Cecil the Lion, I think that trophy hunting shit is in the past and it’s viewed with disgust by pretty much everyone.

Also, let’s adapt some Kraven’s Last Hunt, can we?

Kraven is the best choice, works for me. What about you, guys?

Source: Heroic Hollywood


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