Fox embargoes reviews for FANTASTIC FOUR the day of its release, and that’s not terrible

Yes, this is a short rant.

I heard about these news yesterday, but I didn’t think I should write about because this is not very important news. I saw this piece of news first after visiting the ComicBookCast2 channel, where Armin went nuts. Just to make things clear, I love ComicBookCast2, it’s one of the first places I go when some news hit the web, but I really don’t like this kind of video.

At least a big part of people who spend time reading movie sites and watching shows about upcoming movies know that when a studio lifts an embargo way before the release of their movie, it’s kind of good news (it’s not always good). If a studio decides to lift the embargo the day movie premieres, some movie fans think that’s a red flag. In other words, the movie is bad and the studio is afraid of what critics write about their movie. That’s not always the case. It’s common, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

I’m not defending Fantastic Four, in fact I haven’t seen the movie. Look, Josh Trank’s latest directorial effort could be bad, but a studio not lifting embargo until 3 hours before the first showing (UPDATE: They changed the embargo, now it’s August 5th)  shouldn’t be a reason to get completely crazy and tell everyone to not watch the movie.

I believe everyone has the right to make their own choices. Even if Armin is not putting a gun next to someone’s head, asking people to not see a movie just because it may be a bad movie about their beloved characters doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Relax, the early reactions on Twitter are good. If the people see the movie on opening weekend and it’s bad, well too bad… but what if it’s good? I don’t know, I just believe doing this kind of videos against a movie that gave you almost nothing is crazy.

Fantastic Four is not my most expected movie of the year, I wrote some negative things about the movie on Geek Broadside mainly because Fox didn’t show any official pictures of the cast in their suits or something. If you want to see it, go. It’s your choice, it’s your money. If it makes you happy, see it.

Again, this movie could be good or bad (just like every movie), but just doing this without experiencing the movie – like Armin said: blind – is not the best thing to do.


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