Film review – PIXELS

Adam Sandler made a video game movie that will make you beg for killscreen.

I always think about Adam Sandler as the highly extroverted class clown. He makes weird noises, he had a few good jokes some years ago, sometimes he can impress the whole classroom with his actions, but he mostly bombs.

After Jack and Jill or That’s my boy is very hard to takes Sandler’s latest work seriously, even if what he does is mostly comedy. Adam Sandler has this thing, though, where he takes an interesting concept and makes a movie out of it. Something like The Cobbler and Click sounds interesting, now Pixels is in the similar vein.

Just the films mentioned, Pixels had a lot of potential. The movie had the chance to become a Ghostbusters kind of movie, however, even with Chris Colombus on-board, Pixels fails. What can we expect of someone who already brought to Grown Ups movies to the big screen? Just like Mac and Me is the bad version of E.T, Pixels is a bad Ghostbusters rip-off.

It’s not very hard to write good comedy out of this concept. There’s is so much to do when you are allowed to use Pac-Man or Donkey Kong in your movie. Pixels has so much and uses so little of it. The movie is blessed to have household names among its cast and also a great, popular actor such as Peter Dinklage. However the latest Adam Sandler production fails to deliver.

Pixels commits the sin that no comedy should, and that’s being unfunny. Almost every joke in the movie fells flat, perhaps because of the poor line delivery. This makes the movie a complete awkward experience because it feels like watching a guy who views himself a the “funny friend” doing stand up comedy in a full, quiet bar. There’s stuff to laugh at, but in the end the movie is underwhelming.

Sandler’s performance is nor good or bad, and it doesn’t affect the film too much. Kevin James (who plays the president of the United States) and Josh Gad, in the other hand, are painful to watch. James does what he knows to do in every single movie he is in and Gad – who I respect a lot – does nothing else but screaming in almost situation he is in. Dinklage does the best he can do, but unfortunately – even if his character is not the worst of the movie – it doesn’t work.

While audiences who enjoyed the classic video games may feel happy watching characters such as Pac-Man or Donkey Kong in the same screen, Pixels does not deliver other than good special effects which is not a rare thing in this decade. Sandler’s new comedy is awkwardly unfunny, not special, and a total waste of talent.

Pixels gets 4/10


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