Film review – ANT-MAN

You were worried about this movie, don’t be.

This is not Age of Ultron, it doesn’t end with Ant-Man literally saving the planet. The new entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and first new superhero introduction since 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger is a reminder of why we love Marvel movies. Is not about big spectacles or team-ups, it’s simply because these movies have a lot of heart.

Nowadays impressing an audience so exposed to huge CGI spectacles is a hard job. Not only that, we live in a world that already saw two Avengers movies and we are getting ready to see a movie were Batman and Superman fight against each other. The simple idea of a more street level superhero that shrinks to the size of an insect may not attract big groups of people into the cinema, but the great thing about Ant-Man is its ability to shut people up. This is not Marvel’s first flop, actually Ant-Man is quite amazing, funny and surprising.

Perhaps the people who read issues of Ant-Man decades ago never imagined that a character with that name will get his own movie, and also, they never thought that the movie was going to be a triumph. That’s what Ant-Man is. This film is a ton of fun filled with an amazing cast and good script with part of the story coming from the mind of the amazing Edgar Wright.

I loved this movie – maybe more than Age of Ultron – for many reasons, is not because is highly comedic and has smart action, it’s because of the cast. Michael Peña easily steals the show, being one of the characters I was most concerned about thinking he could get annoying at some point in the movie. Peña brings a lot of laughs, more than Rudd’s character himself: Scott Lang. Paul Rudd plays a simple man with sense of humor and heart. Scott Lang is special because how fresh it feels. He is not Tony Stark and he doesn’t have the same attitude as Captain America, he is a just a guy… a relatable guy we love to see onscreen learning how to be the Ant-Man sometimes in front of the eyes of Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne, the badass of the story. And speaking about the tiny avenger, Hank Pym is in this movie and he is great. The backstory of Pym is easily one of the best bits of the film and the character is brilliantly played by Michael Douglas. The story of the film is simple but it’s the characters involved in the plot what makes it great.

However, Ant-Man has flaws, but not the flaws that make a movie bad. The villain will be hit or miss for many people, even if the insane Yellowjacket is wonderfully portrayed by Corey Stoll. Also, the first 15 to 20 minutes may feel like two movies clashing against each other fighting to get the most screentime. Like day and night, these two movies happening feel very different, one being very funny and the other one being serious. That’s forgiven because of how good it is after hitting the 20 minute mark where all the elements blend together to achieve a great product.

Ant-Man comes to entertain you, not to blow you away with the use of CGI. Clearly the way he shrinks is absolutely amazing, but Ant-Man is all about telling a good story with compelling characters.

Marvel’s new addition to its cinematic universe is highly entertaining, shockingly good, fresh, and it could be the best movie of Phase Two. It’s an absolute joy.

Make sure to stay in your seat during and after the credits, because both scenes are really good.

Ant-Man gets 8.5/10


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