Nikolaj Arcel is going to direct Stephen King’s first DARK TOWER movie

Arcel will adapt the first book in the series.

This took a while. Adapting Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is a hard nut to crack. Today it was announced at SDCC that Nikolaj Arcel, best known for his work in the screenplay for David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, signed on to direct the first adaptation of the books to be distributed by Sony.

Arcel, who also directed A Royal Affair, will rework on the new Dark Tower screenplay with Ander Thomas Jensen. Akiva Goldsman previously wrote a draft, but that’s not going to be used. After the script for The Gunslinger  is done, they will immediately start casting the roles. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are producers, they wanted Russell Crowe or Javier Bardem for Gunslinger. If one those end up getting a role, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also, there will be a series that will fill the gaps between movies, but right now there’s no information about where they are going to be released. Netflix or HBO are the perfect choices, other might end up screwing the whole concept or even ruining the movies.

Are you happy about this? I honestly can believe this is finally moving forward.


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