Ben Affleck will direct and co-write the next stand-alone BATMAN movie

The critically acclaimed director and writer will officially helm the new Batman film since The Dark Knight Rises.

I like Ben Affleck, I wasn’t disgusted by his Batman casting. In fact, I really liked the fact that he got the role of Bruce Wayne. With the years Affleck earned our trust, not only because he is growing as an actor, he turned out to be an amazing writer and director.

Kevin Smith says Ben Affleck is a huge Batman nerd, he even has a little batcave-like room. This man loves Batman and I’m glad it was announced that he is directing and co-writing the script for the new stand-alone movie alongside Geoff Johns.

This rumor existed some days ago, a part of the rumor included that The Batman was supposed to hit screens in 2018. However, the date is not yet confirmed. Yes, Ben Affleck will direct, co-write and reprise his role as Batman after being in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part One, we expect to hear more about this if Warner Bros. shares more information in SDCC.

Affleck will take on the next solo Batman movie after finishing his work as a director in the adaptation of Live by the Night, the Dennis Lehane novel.


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