Film review – MINIONS

This movie is unbearable, what a surprise.

Minions, those yellow Cheeto-like beings with a high-pitched voice who babble a mix of languages… I hate them.

I still remember when I watched Despicable Me for the first time. I fell for the minions. These creatures where fun to watch back when the first movie was released, but minions were condiment.

There’s two reasons why Minions doesn’t work. First of all, these movies avoids to have a goal like Pixar’s Inside Out which is targeted not only for kids, but also for adults, making it an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Minions is aiming at the kids, and the kids only. You may see an adult weirdo who is obssessed with the minions in the theater, but this movie’s audience is mostly conformed by children. That’s why this movie is filled with flat slapstick humor and high-pitched nonsense coming from these little guys’ mouth.

Second reason that makes the movie almost unbearable is: in the Despicabe Me franchise, minions where designed as condiment, not a complete meal. Minions is like getting a dish full of paprika.

I used to like these yellow characters, but it’s too much. It was a no brainer to release a movie about the minions, it will make a ton of money. Minions is a product, made to sell a lot of merch. There’s not too much spirit coming out of it.

I was constantly afraid that these movie was going to be only about minions, but when it was announced that Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, and company will give voice to some human characters I was relieved. However, yes, this is a movie about the minions. These are the central characters and the story orbits around them.

Jon Hamm’s character is quite funny and makes the movie feel less insane for the adults and probably younger people who just don’t enjoy minions as much as children, but there’s not enough for him. The spotlight is always focused on these yellow guys.

While the prologue may be very fun and really charming, the movie evolves into a product made for children- This is for the minions fans, and for nobody else.

Minions get 5.5/10


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