This is fan fiction on the big screen.

After watching this movie, I asked to myself too many times: Why does this sequel exists?

There’s no reason for Terminator: Genisys to exist except to maintain the rights to the IP. We heard a lot of problems about it’s production and some important points in the plot that made this movie look like really bad. Still, as a movie fan and as a Terminator fan, I opened my mind to a new entry in the franchise, expecting to finally like one of the sequels. I got fooled again.

But how can I expect not to get fooled? Terminator 2: Judgement Day – even if it’s a great movie – it was already too much. There’s not so much to do with this franchise. It’s always a story about war in the future or preventing that war to happen. This is why the third movie is useless, the fourth one sultry and Genisys just plain bad. The fifth installment in the franchise goes nowhere.

When remakes are announced, people always freak out, saying the original movie is great and can’t be topped. A remake is not going to do anything to the original film. The movie people love will be there, intact. Even if Terminator: Genisys is not a remake, it gets close to ruin the entire franchise. It has that power.

The film goes back to the events of the first two films doing the exact opposite than X-Men: Days of Future of Past did to the X- Franchise. While the last X-Men movie fixed the timeline and brought faith into the franchise, Genisys plays with classic scenes of the movies directed by James Cameron. Watching this film is like staring at a baby drawing on the walls of your own house with a Sharpie. It’s just desperating, frustrating and there’s not too much to do about it.

This time Kyle Reese is played by Jai Courtney, who brings absolutely nothing. His performance just vanished off my mind. He is nothing like Michael Biehn, an actor that actually brought some weight into the character. Reese is a soldier, not a confused dude who goes back in time to be even more confused. Courtney reacts to everything that is around him with a straight face, he plays Kyle Reese as a cardboard character and he could easily be replaced by CGI.

In the other hand, Emilia Clarke fails to deliver that toughness that Linda Hamilton gave to Sarah Connor. She plays a younger version of the character Hamilton played, which could explain why this Connor feels so weak. In this movie, Sarah is definitely brave, however it doesn’t carries that strength that we saw in the original Terminator films. Arnold Schwarzenegger steals every scene he shares with any member of the cast.

There’s a few bright spots in Genisys, like J.K. Simmons showing up in the past as a funny cop. His later shows up in the movie, in 2017, as a changed man. His scenes are relieving, but is not enough to save the movie. The new Terminator is just… stupid, laughable. There’s a montage where the heroes get caught and “Bad Boys” plays in the background. Maybe they thought it will be funny in the final cut, but it falls flat, it doesn’t belong to the movie. The scene transforms the movie into a parody. That’s what Terminator: Genisys is: a parody. It’s not only funny in the bad way because of its screenplay, is also a feels like a parody thanks to its bad CGI. They manage to have worse visual effects than 1991, they look unfinished or overdone, I’m not sure.

What’s good about this movie is how fast it moves. It feels very quick, so it doesn’t feel like a three-hour torture such as Transformers 4. The pacing is perfect for this kind of movie.

Maybe Terminator: Genisys wasn’t made for the audience who liked the first films. It tries to be an action movie, nothing else. Genisys is a series of callbacks glued by a story that doesn’t know where to go, it’s a collage. This is fan fiction on the big screen.

Terminator: Genisys gets 4/10.


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