Guillermo Del Toro is no longer attached to JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

This one is a bummer.

Warner Bros. release that huge slate of superhero movies last year and I felt a bit disappointed because Justice League Dark seemed to have no movement. However, Guillermo del Toro said some time ago that the script was ready and my excitement went to the roof.

Studios get scripts all the time. The fact that Del Toro finished working on a Justice League Dark screenplay didn’t mean it would move to principal photography in the next months, but the idea of having this movie in development was very exciting.

Justice League Dark lost Guillermo Del Toro, but it looks like the film has some life left. Today Warner Bros. announced they’re moving Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman to its sister company: New Line. The Hollywood Reporter dropped these news, but also mentioned in their article that Del Toro is off Dark Universe. According to the source:

Justice League Dark, which is also known as Dark Universe, will remain under the Warners banner. Dark consists of DC’s supernatural heroes such as Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Deadman among others. In the past, Constantine and Swamp Thing and some of those ilk had their own titles published under the Vertigo imprint but have since been integrated into the DC Universe. The movie version will attempt the same.

Dark, the adaptation, was to have been directed by Guillermo del Toro, but insiders say the filmmaker, who is working on a sequel to Pacific Rim even as he preps his gothic horror movie Crimson Peak, is no longer attached to the project.

For some reason, I saw this coming. Del Toro is a busy man and he has been forcing himself to leave incredible projects to follow his passion projects. I really wanted to see this director working in Justice League Dark, but at least we will have Crimson Peak soon. Now the questions are: When is this film coming out? Who will direct Dark Universe?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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