Like we originally reported: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man

This is confirmed by Marvel.

About a month ago, a source came to me and threw some wonderful news at me: the new Spider-Man.

Jeff Sneider, who works at The Wrap, released a list with five actors that were being considered by Marvel and Sony to star as Peter Parker. The name that my source shared was among those, so I decided to run the story.

The story was written some days after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and here we go again, Tom Holland is your new Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland will fly soon to Atlanta, heading to the set of Captain America: Civil War. For those who don’t who Tom Holland is, this is a great actor. I recommend watching The Impossible, where his role is one of the best parts of that movie. He has been really good in all of his roles. Holland may be very young – and that’s a good thing for Marvel Studios – but he is also very talented and experienced. This a great casting decision and I can’t wait to see this guy playing Peter Parker. He looks like how I always wanted to see that character.

Also, very important news came out: Jon Watts best known for his Sundance Film Cop Car, will direct the new standalone movie that will take place in that cinematic universe. What a bunch of talent!

I may be a bit mad, since I knew who Spider-Man was going to be since May, but I am super excited to see Spider-Man in the universe where the Avengers defeated Ultron. This is going to be amazing, pun intended.

Original article.


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