Film review – INSIDE OUT

This movie is amazing.

Sometimes I examine myself, my own mind. My head is an incredibly weird place. Just like any other human being, my mind is a place where there’s conflict everyday. Pixar’s Inside Out explores that concept marvelously. The movie is a trip into the mind.

There’s definitely work in other media that already dived into the mind and feelings. However Inside Out, is an amazingly well constructed movie that hits the nail. This film is somekind of mirror, it hits your soft spots and you’ll feel reflected in it. Pixar’s new masterpiece understands everyone.

The film tells the story of a 12-year-old girl called Riley, who is moving from her house in Minnesota to start a new life in San Francisco. The girl is not comfortable in her new home, but what is more interesting happens inside her head. In Riley’s mind exists a place called Headquarters where we meet five characters, five emotions. The first emotion that the girl ever felt is called Joy. Then there’s a outcast inside the Headquarters, this emotion is Sadness. The rest of team is conformed by Disgust, Anger and Fear. This team works with Joy at the helm, trying to keep the girl – emotionally – well balanced.

Problem is that in her new home in San Francisco, Riley is not having a good time. Sadness manifest herself more and more playing a series of flashbacks and touching her memories. Trying to stop her, Joy accidentally gets out of Headquarters alongside Sadness. This leaves Fear, Anger and Disgust at the controls of Riley’s head while Joy and Sadness try to get back to the Headquarters.

It’s quite easy to feel connected with Riley. This girl’s mind is a reflect of everyone’s mind. And the movie is basically a journey of a confused person into a new experience. Inside Out is a tour into our brain. Pixar’s latest movie has some of the most creative pieces that has ever been in their projects. The quest that Joy and Sadness had to take starts from  Long Term Memory Storage to the Dream Factory. There’s more in the middle of their journey, but each one of these places is not only a beautiful location inside Riley’s head, displayed in really clever way – these areas are commentaries about ourselves.

During these characters’ journey we meet one of the greatest characters that Pixar has ever put on film. My first blood with this guy was initially bad, because of his appereance. This character is conformed by two pieces: it is part cotton candy and part dolphin. I’m talking about Bing Bong, Riley’s abandoned imaginary friend who looks like a pink elephant and will hit your weak spots.

I loved Inside Out. It can actually – arguably – be the best Pixar film ever released. This is definitely my favorite Pixar movie to the date, just above the Toy Story trilogy and Up.

The voice acting talent in this movie is beyond good. The script is incredibly well written and easy to follow. This is a great movie. Inside Out has a concept that has been used before, but the film overall is done in such a good way that it doesn’t just make a good time a the movie, it’s takes to journey inside yourself as a human being. It’s a amazing how a movie is able to achieve that.

Inside Out works in every level, from its first act to its third. The film keeps going, throwing exciting scenes and great character moments at you. Every single moment is fascinating. I loved the emotions. I was highly entertained by its humor. I loved the reminder that sadness is a part of our existence and it’s necessary in our lives and how sadness connects us with everyone, the empathy that is born from its seed. This is a beautiful film. This is a great movie.

Inside Out gets a 10/10.


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