Jack Huston leaves THE CROW

Is this film really cursed?

People always have a bad reaction towards remakes, but they always seem to get made no matter what the fans of the original movie do. Fans are not doing anything against The Crow and the film constantly keeps returning to square one after a couple months.

I feel bad about The Crow because I actually want to see what they achieve, but actors and directors keep leaving the project. Jack Huston, who took over the role after Luke Evans left the movie, left the movie. The reason why Huston is no longer going to play the Crow is because of scheduling issues. The Crow is Crow-less.

In Variety’s report, they mention that they are looking to replace Jack Huston with Nicholas Hoult or Jack O’Connell. This could mean nothing, there’s not a single report about them being in talks… yet. Also, they’re trying to get Forest Whitacker on board. However, I don’t think this is possible, the actor just joined Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One.

Source: Variety


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