We are days away of getting our new Spider-Man

The list has been narrowed to only two actors.

It seems that fans are only days closer to get an announcement from Marvel: The actor who is will incarnate Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Early today in the podcast Meet the Movie Press, Jeff Sneider (film reporter for The Wrap) dropped some news where he said that the list of actors who can play Spidey has been reduced to Tom Holland, Matthew Lintz and Charlie Plummer. According to the article, the reason why it’s been hard to cast the new Peter Parker is because Sony and Marvel don’t agree on which guy is right to play the character.

Now, according to Devin Faraci’s source’s, the list is actually conformed by Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe. The new addition to the list was in The Golden Compass and Never Let Me Go. It seems that Asa Butterfield is not longer a contestant for the role, for unknown reasons.

tom holland guy

I’ve been hearing for more than a month that, in fact, Tom Holland will be the new Spider-Man to show up in Captain America: Civil War. I actually wrote a piece in this site about it.

Just to end the quick news, I want to apologize for not putting news in the site more often. We’re going to come back next week. Have a nice weekend.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death/The Wrap


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