The Rock will star in the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA remake

There are a lot of movies that can be remade. Big Trouble in Little China is not one of them. Not only because there’s is no way improve that movie. It’s very fun and the CGI is quite good, but unlike something like Point Break, there is no way to make a new version of Big Trouble in Little China without messing up.

Are they going with some kind of serious version of that story? Or are they going to stick to the source material and make a goofy for a world which has a audiences who think making a serious and dark toned Superman movie was a good idea?

Now turns out that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in the Big Trouble in Little China planned by Fox. Is not a bad choice, I honestly can think in someone better that The Rock to play a new Jack Burton for this generation. There’s a knot inside my head for some reason, I just can’t explain it. I’m not against the choice, I believe is the safe choice. I have trouble picturing him as Jack.

But, really… is there a spot for a new Big Trouble in Little China in this age?

Source: The Wrap


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