Book Reading: Red Queen Superb Finale

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series finale! It’s time for chapters 25,26,27, 28 and the Epilogue.


Ptolemus finds Walsh in the tunnels that head to the radiated city. She kills herself before she’s forced to talk.

At dawn the plan begins. Mare and Maven stand at the bridge waiting for the Scarlet Guard. And so it begins. The Scarlet Guard takes down the bridge. Cal comes out with his Legion ready to defend the city. And Mare goes out and faces Cal. Mare reveals she is part of the Scarlet Guard. And the plan fails, Cal doesn’t fall for Mare’s charm. Cal sends his legion to attack the Scarlet Guard. Cal arrests Maven and Mare.

Mare and Maven are taken to the king and queen for the trial.  AND SUDDENLY, SHIT GETS SERIOUS. Elara betrays Tiberias, using Arven to shut down both Cal and Tiberias’s powers. MAVEN IS ALSO A TRAITOR.  The cameras turn on and Elara forces Cal to behead the king in front of them. Elara acts as a victim and throws herself to the floor crying. Mare grabs Cal by the arm and run but he surrenders to arrest.

Then: Cal and Mare are taken to the Bowl of Bones, where they’ll face public execution. Lucas appears, arrested as well, Mare used him to free the prisoners and he’ll be executed because of her.

Mare and Cal are called to the arena where they will be killed, and then their executioners come out.  A Strongarm, a Shadow, Lord Osanos(Nymph), Arven(Silent traitor), Evangeline and Ptolemus. The fight begins.

Cal takes on the Samos siblings and Lord Osanos while Mare is attacked by the Shadow. She can’t use her powers, Arven shut them down. Mare manages to evade the strongarm and dig her nails into the eyes of the Shadow, then a blade coming from Evangeline stabs him by mistake. The strongarm runs towards Mare but she manages to trick him and when she moves he hits Arven, killing him and allowing Mare to use her powers. Osanos grabs Mare but she shocks him with her lightnings. Suddenly everyone left the Arena, only a defeated Ptolemus and Evangeline are there. Maven comes in with Sentinels that come out from every gate.

Just when they’re about to be killed by the Sentinels huge bolts of lightning appear from high above, summoned by Mare. However it fades quickly enough for Maven and the Sentinels to recover.

The shooting happens. And the Sentinels fall, shot by the Scarlet Guard. Someone grabs Mare and takes her to the water below, and then darkness.

She wakes up in the undertrain, and there she sees him, alive. His brother Shade. He teleports and sits next to her.


Probably the most intense fantasy book i’ve read so far. I didn’t know what to think about Maven’s betrayal and i didn’t expect it at all. I can’t wait for the second book now, i believe it will be focused in both Silvers and the Scarlet Guard trying to find the mutated Reds.

Shade’s appearance was totally unexpected and his ability is really cool, he is able to teleport which makes him better than a swift. I can’t imagine how the rest of the mutants will develop their powers, will an improved shiver be able to actually create and control ice? We will have to see.

What will happen to Cal? He is totally broken, he built a legion, he trained to be the king and was betrayed by his own brother. Now the Scarlet Guard doesn’t trusts him because of what Maven did to them. Talking of which, the Scarlet Guard will have to find a better place to hide, Maven knows all of their secrets including the Gray Town’s secret.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this and stay tunned for the Elantris book reading.


Memorable Quote

“They said they killed me, they told the captains i was dead and my body burned.” Another split second and he’s sitting next to me again, appearing out of thin air. Teleporting. “But they weren’t fast enough. No one is.”

Silver Houses and abilities detected as of yet *

Each Silver house is tied or known for their display of a particular ability.*

House Calore – Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

House Samos – Magnetron – manipulate metals

House Osanos – Nymph – manipulate water

House Welle – Greenwarden or Greeny – Manipulate plants

House Titanos & House Lerolan – Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

House Carros & House Rhambos – Strongarm – superhuman strength

House Gliacon – Shiver – Freeze objects, people and what not.

House Laris – Windweaver – manipulate wind.

House Eagrie – Eye – Able to see inmediate future.

House Arven – Silence – Cancel abilities of other Silver.

House Jacos – Singer – Control other people using only their voice. (Eye contact is needed).

House Macanthos – Stoneskin – Turn skin into stone.

House Provos – Telky – Telekinesis

House Nolle – Storm – Manipulate weather

House Merandus – Whisper – read and control minds

House Blonos -Blood healer – Heal themselves from apparently anything

House Viper – Animos – control mind of animals

House Iral – Silk – enhanced agility and perfect balance

House Haven – Shadow – Light bending

Swift – incredible physical speed

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare – Improved Storm ability which allows her to create and control all type of electrical energy.

Shade – Improved Swift ability which allows him to teleport.


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