Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 21-24)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 21,22,23 and 24!

The next post will contain the reading for chapters 25,26,27, 28 and the Epilogue, which basically means the ending of the Red Queen reading series.  There are a few books that are waiting to be read, but i’ll discuss that later. Let’s continue with Red Queen reading!

In which: A HUGE REVELATION HAPPENS.(Seen later on).  

Mare asks Julian to help her release the prisoners. Julian is surprised to find out that Mare is part of the Scarlet Guard and the attack at the Ball. Julian accepts. Julian takes control of Lucas and forces him take them to the dungeons. Mare convinces the Sentinels guarding the dungeon to let them in. Farley reveals the bomb wasn’t part of their plan.  Mare calls 2 of the Sentinels and Julian sings to them, putting them to sleep. The other 2 Sentinels find out the lie and one of them shoots Mare. She bleeds. They manage to get Kilorn, Farley and Walsh out alive.

The next morning Mare is waken up early. Maven comes in, Queen Elara interrogated the Sentinels and found nothing but holes in their memories. Maven reveals there wasn’t a bomb at the Ball, but Cal’s fire ignited a gas line by mistake. Apparently every Silver is leaving the town. Cal tells Mare he joined forces with Ptolemus(Evangeline’s brother) to hunt the Scarlet Guard. Julian tells Mare he isn’t going to Archeon. He says he’s got a gift for Mare there.

Every Silver gets on their boat to Archeon. Maven tells Mare they found red blood in the dungeons and they’ll search who’s the owner using the blood sample database. Mare is the owner. Elara calls Mare to the viewing deck.

All the Reds in every slum is forced to see the Silver’s boats pass on their way to Archeon. They pass through River Row, the country residences. They also pass through Gray Town, a sad factory town where the only live that Reds know is building lights, cameras, video screen, guns, and keep the power running for the Silvers, they’re essential. They finally get to Archeon.

Then: The royal family, including Mare(who is forced) give a speech.  The Ruined City can be seen from Mare’s room, a city full of radiaton, no Silver dares to put a feet there.

Mare finds Julian gift.


Shade was killed along with other 27 soldiers. They were cremated. Not common. They were mutants. Red with both Red and Silver blood.

Julian attaches a list with other hybrids names, that are still alive and need to be found. Cal comes into Mare’s room and argue with her. He tells her he delayed Julian’s arrest and helped him escape. He also tells her that Maven deleted all the record they had from her. Maven and Mare walk around in the city, when a boy gives Mare something she dropped. A message from Farley.

They meet with Farley. Old good Will appears and takes Maven and Mare to the Undertrain. The train starts to move and takes them to the south, to the Ruined City. Maven freaks out when they get there, he’s scared of the radiaton.  Farley reveals the harsh truth, everything is built by Reds, the radiation detectors have been lying to Silvers all this time. Mare gives the name that Julian gave her to Farley and Maven. Maven comes up with a plan to take the king as prisoner and make them surrender. This puts Mare is a hard position, she will have to convince Cal to choose her over his country when the time comes.

Commentary It was very interesting seeing Julian powers in action, i was waiting for him to actually do something. I was also waiting for him to betray Mare, however that didn’t happen, now i don’t want him to be caught. Also, the revelation he made was huge. Mare is stronger than a Silver and that gives the Scarlet Guard a huge advantage, however she’s only one and one person does not defeats an army. Finding the rest of ‘mutants’ will surely give the Scarlet Guard the boost they need.

The Silvers are scared, they left after a simple attack and they forced the Red to see them leaving, even with all their power they still need to show off to feel superior.

The book is coming to an end and it is getting really intense. Cal is mad at Reds and the joins forces with house Samos to hunt them down and kill them. Maven’s plan involves destroying one of the bridges in Archeon and when Cal appears Mare will come in and try to convince him to help her. I wonder if this will work? It probably will, Cal’s love for Mare can be seen in every moment they meet, they may argue and fight here and then but that doesn’t make their love weaker.

The Scarlet Guard revealed a huge advantage they have over the Silvers. Gray Town. The place where almost every single technologic object is built for the Silvers, a place where Reds build everything, a place where Reds can destroy the Silvers from inside out. We will have to wait see what will happen next. Will Maven’s plan work? Will Cal choose Mare over his beloved country? Will the Scarlet Guard finally win?

Memorable Quote

You are not the only one, Mare. You are not alone. You are simply the first protected by the eyes of a thousand, the first they could not kill and hide away. Like the others you are Red and Silver, and stronger than both.

Next Reading series The next series will probably follow the next order:

  • The Hobbit
  • Elantris
  • Warbreaker
  • Mistborn: The Alloy of Law
  • Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Now i want to make a series of book i’ve already read which goes:

  • Mistborn Trilogy
  • The Way of Kings
  • Words of Radiance
  • The Inheritance Cycle

If you have any recommendation for me or would like change the reading order of the series just comment it.

Silver Houses and abilities detected as of yet *

Each Silver house is tied or known for their display of a particular ability.*

House Calore – Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

House Samos – Magnetron – manipulate metals

House Osanos – Nymph – manipulate water

House Welle – Greenwarden or Greeny – Manipulate plants

House Titanos & House Lerolan – Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

House Carros & House Rhambos – Strongarm – superhuman strength

House Gliacon – Shiver – Freeze objects, people and what not.

House Laris – Windweaver – manipulate wind.

House Eagrie – Eye – Able to see inmediate future.

House Arven – Silence – Cancel abilities of other Silver.

House Jacos – Singer – Control other people using only their voice. (Eye contact is needed).

House Macanthos – Stoneskin – Turn skin into stone.

House Provos – Telky – Telekinesis

House Nolle – Storm – Manipulate weather

House Merandus – Whisper – read and control minds

House Blonos -Blood healer – Heal themselves from apparently anything

House Viper – Animos – control mind of animals

House Iral – Silk – enhanced agility and perfect balance

House Haven – Shadow – Light bending

Swift – incredible physical speed

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare – Create and manipulate electricity. Only person so far that can create an element and manipulate it. For instance a Burner can only manipulate fire but not create it.


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