Report: Asa Butterfield may be the new Spider-Man

Latino Review is reporting that Asa Butterfield is the only contender who remained of the Spider-Man short list.

Many people were hearing Butterfield, like Devin of Birth.Movies.Death and now Kellvin of Latino Review. While others, like me, heard Tom Holland was the top choice to portray Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If this is true, Asa Butterfield would play Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and in a series of Spider-Man movies planned by both Sony and Marvel.

Either of them is a good choice. I personally would choose Tom Holland, I’ve been saying that for almost a month. But Asa has proven he is a great actor who can work with great directors and he can hold a franchise, like Ender’s Game. Many trade reporters are saying they haven’t heard about any deal in the table for Butterfield and that the other actors on the list are still being considered for the role.

Marvel has not confirmed any of these. Feige is a man who tells plans to the world until everything is set on stone. Every reported for a long time that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play Doctor Strange and negotiations fell apart. Weeks later they gave the role to Benedict Cumberbatch who will play Stephen Strange in 2016. Marvel not confirming this even a day after the news were reported says a lot.

I’ve heard Sony and Marvel where very impressed with his test, though. If he is the new Spider-Man, good. Let’s just wait for Marvel’s confirmation.

Source: Latino Review


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