Film review – Mad Max: Fury Road

I’m usually afraid when directors try to go back to franchises they already visited. Sometimes they come back with lack of ambition or creativity. Many times they try to adapt to the latest trends in filmmaking. This is not the case with Mastermind George Miller, who returns to Mad Max to deliver a sequel loaded with energy. Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth movie in the series, which is loosely connected to previous films – and it’s great.

Tom Hardy takes Mel Gibson’s role and owns it, naturally. Max Rockatansly is brilliantly portrayed. Hardy is not trying to do a Gibson impression, he easily adapts to role and goes with it through the whole movie. Watching one of the world’s more talented actors taking this role is so comfortable. Is nice. Hardy is a movie star, he is able to give Max all the proper emotions. He portrays Rocktansky as a charming character. Simply charismatic and shockingly funny.

Instead of adapting the fast cut style of action, Miller goes classical. This makes Mad Max: Fury Road very easy to watch, but at the same time a very fun time. The action here is insane, especially if we are talking about the astonishing car chasing scenes. It’s madness. The characters are in motion all the time. The pacing is really fast. The climax of the movie is – at least for me – an unexpected turn. Energy, there’s energy everywhere. The action is classic, crazy, and highly entertaining.

Also, intstead of constantly topping the chaos in the road and the mad action, the director focuses on characters. Characters are my cup of tea, and it should your cup of tea as well.

The way in which women are portrayed – especially Charlize Theron’s character – is wonderful, mainly because they are human being. It’s quite common to see women written as cardboard characters or as incompetent beings, that infuriates me to no end. Part of the story is about women helping women. Furiosa, played by Theron, is a warrior a who is sick of Immortan Joe’s regime. In Fury Road, she is the true hero of the film, risking her own life and helping the women who are Immortan Joe’s sex slaves. Furiosa is the savior of the slaves, the wives. Max is there mostly as some kind of ally who joins her revolution.

While Furiosa is fierce, the five wives are common human beings, which is a great element to add to the Mad Max mix. The wives are played by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keogh, Abbey Lee, Courntey Eaton and Megan Gale. Why are they common human beings? They just react to each situation like a person. Each one of the five slaves get their own moment. Every one of them is different. Some women will fight, but other will be afraid of what is going on around them. Other slaves would like to return to their “normal” life as abused people. I just love how these are characters portrayed with humanity, and not used mainly as plot devices.

Hugh Kaeys-Byrnes returns to the Mad Max franchise, this time playing Immortan Joe. The evil figure is terryfing. From his performance to his look, the Immortan Joe character is on his way to become a new movie icon.

I cannot praise this movie enough. Fury Road is a masterpiece. George Miller accomplishes to return to his franchise and offer an incredibly exciting and beautiful looking film. Your feet will stomp during the viewing. It’s fun, it’s packed with emotion and action. Simply great.

Mad Max: Fury Road gets a 10/10


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