Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 15-16)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 15 and 16.

In which:  Mare’s schedule is changed. A message from the Scarlet Guard comes in and Mare finds out Walsh is a member of the Scarlet Guard. Mare finally gets to train with everyone else. The instructor comes in and shuts down everyone’s powers. After running and practicing with her powers Mare goes to Julian’s lesson. Julian reveals his powers, he is a singer. He gets mad when he talks about his sister, the former queen.

Then: Mare secretly meets with Farley and the Scarlet Guard. MAVEN ALSO JOINS THE SCARLET GUARD. Maven fears for what Cal could make to the kingdom. Farley makes him swear and he does. Kilorn appears and argues with Mare. Mare continues with her training and suddenly the training session becomes an arena. Maven fights with a nymph and is defeated. Cal pits against two other Silvers, defeats them both with no troubles. Evangeline challenges Mareena Titanos.


2 of the most interesting chapters so far. Apparently Lucas knows something more about Mare. He is friendly yes, however the way he speaks and the way he said to Mare that it was not her place to ask questions tells a lot. Julian seems to be a good guy after all. He is mad because of what was done to her sister. She was from a low house and wasn’t chosen by Queenstrial, plus everyone believed she was picked by the king because of her power, however he actually loved her. And she was killed, she wanted to change everything the Silvers knew and tried to raise Cal to do the same. Julian wants to continue with the plan of her sister and will possibly drag Mare into this.

I was really surprised to see Maven join the Scarlet Guard, he is a prince after all.  However he mentions that Cal sees the world in the same way as his father and the way the wants to change it is not the right one. Where Maven sees foolishness, waste and blood Cal sees honor and loyalty and that is something he wants to change by joining the Scarlet Guard. We can see Kilorn’s anger again when he meets with Mare. She feels betrayed, she tried to save him, she stole things for him and the place where she is now is because the things she did for him, and even with all that Kilorn believes that staying in the Scarlet Guard is the best for him.

Back at the training arena we can see how powerful Cal really is. While Maven was defeated by a nymph, Cal managed to defeted 2 Silvers and walk away without a bruise after it. We can also see Evangeline challenging Mare to a fight in the arena.

I can’t wait to see how this book will end. Will Evangeline beat Mare? or will Mare beat Evangeline? Will Kilorn’s anger lead him to do something stupid? Will Maven’s thoughts on Cal’s future lead him to do something stupid? Will Mare stick with Julian’s thoughts and help him with this plan on changing everything?

Memorable Quote

“Revolution needs  a spark,” I murmur, repeating what Julian would say in our lessons. “And even sparks burn.”

Silver Houses and abilities detected as of yet

*Each Silver house is or known for their display of a particular ability.*

House Calore – Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

House Samos – Magnetron – manipulate metals

House Osanos – Nymph – manipulate water

House Welle – Greenwarden or Greeny – Manipulate plants

House Titanos & House Lerolan – Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

House Carros & House Rhambos – Strongarm – superhuman strength

House Laris – Windweaver – manipulate wind.

House Eagrie – Eye – Able to see inmediate future.

House Arven – Silence – Cancel abilities of other Silver.

House Jacos – Singer – Control other people using only their voice. (Eye contact is needed).

House Macanthos – Stoneskin – Turn skin into stone.

House Provos – Telky – Telekinesis

House Nolle – Storm – Manipulate weather

House Merandus – Whisper – read and control minds

House Blonos -Blood healer – Heal themselves from apparently anything

House Viper – Animos – control mind of animals

House Iral – Silk – enhanced agility and perfect balance

House Haven – Shadow – Light bending

Swift – incredible physical speed

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare – Create and manipulate electricity. Only person so far that can create an element and manipulate it. For instance a Burner can only manipulate fire but not create it.


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