Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 14)

Hello everyone! Now that i’m halfway through the book i would like to thank every single person out there who constantly reads my series. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as i enjoy writing them.

Alright, let’s continue with chapter 14, this was a really long chapter so i decided to make a separate article for it.

In which: Maven takes Mare to Cal’s room. Maven talks with Cal to take Mare to her home. Mare sees the armors and war books with notes inside them. She can only think about what Cal has done with them. Cal body is full of bruises and scars even though he can ask the healers to remove them. Cal takes Mare to his cycle(which is basically a motorcycle).  Cal reveals the reason why he goes out to Red bars. Mare gets to her home. She sees her brother Bree. Tramy shows up, then her Dad, Mom and Gisa. Mare introduces Cal as a servant. Mare’s family reveal to her that Shade is dead. In that moment electrical energy comes to Mare’s body. Everything in the house overcharges. Kilorn appears to make Mare control herself. Every member of Mare’s family and Kilorn discover her powers. Kilorn gets angry at Mare. Mare explains everything to her family. Mare goes to Will’s house. Will knows everything that is happening. Tristan, Scarlet Guard’s lieutenant comes from behind a curtain.  Will discover that Cal is hiding in the woods and Tristan gets mad. Mare drops Tristan to the floor and they argue. Mare joins The Scarlet Guard. Mare goes back to Cal. Cal senses someone watching them and set his hands on fire. It is Kilorn. Cal calls Mare. Kilorn holds Mare. Cal releases a wave of heat against them and gets mad. Kilorn tells Mare that he’ll greet Farley in her name. 


Well Maven did help Mare, i think he’s trying to gain her trust and he is actually doing it.

Cal seems to be a really capable warrrior, the bruises in his body and the war book he owns are a proof of it. Besides he seems to have a lot of experienced at using his powers, as showed when training with Maven.

Also, Cal showed he has a good side as the future king. He tries to see how things are around in his kingdom, even risking his life and going out to a Red bar or to the war front to analyze with his own eyes how everything is. He doesn’t like to rely on advisers.

Mare’s powers seem to be triggered by strong sadness or anger, she begins to charge up with electrical energy when she finds out that Shade was killed when he tried to run away. Her family accepted the fact that she has power and the fact that she is pretending to be a Silver princess, however Kilorn got really, really mad at her, even though he promises to not say a word i don’t really trust Kilorn on this one, specially at the end of the chapter when he says to Mare “I’ll tell Farley you said hello.” It sounded like a threat to me.

The Scarlet Guard seems to be literally everywhere. They already know that Mare is pretending to be Lady Titanos. Mare’s anger about Shade’s death makes her join the Scarlet Guard without even thinking about it.

Finally when Kilorn holds Mare and won’t let her go we get to see how powerful Cal really is. He made the air heat and sent a wave of heat pulse against Kilorn and Mare, and he didn’t even move. He could burn an entire village if he wished.

I’m getting nervous with this book, i don’t trust Julian and now i don’t trust Kilorn, instead i’m beginning to trust Maven a lot more. I think that Kilorn rage will lead him to betray Mare and probably kill every single Silver he is able to. As for Mare joining the Scarlet Guard is what i really fear after reading this chapter. Will she risk being so close with the king and princes just for a rebel group? will she betray the Silvers in order to avenge her fallen brother? Will she instead betray the Scarlet Guard in order to stay with the Silvers? Will anyone betray her?

Memorable Quote

“A king should know his people. That’s why i sneak out, ” he murmus. ” I do it in the capital too, and at the war front. I like to see how things really are in the kingdom, instead of being told by advisers and diplomats. That’s what a good king would do.”

Silver Houses and abilities detected as of yet

*Each Silver house is or known for their display of a particular ability.*

House Calore – Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

House Samos – Magnetron – manipulate metals

House Osanos – Nymph – manipulate water

House Welle – Greenwarden or Greeny – Manipulate plants

House Titanos & House Lerolan – Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

House Carros & House Rhambos – Strongarm – superhuman strength

House Provos – Telky – Telekinesis

House Nolle – Storm – Manipulate weather

House Merandus – Whisper – read and control minds

House Blonos -Blood healer – Heal themselves from apparently anything

House Viper – Animos – control mind of animals

House Iral – Silk – enhanced agility and perfect balance

House Haven – Shadow – Light bending

Swift – incredible physical speed

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare – Create and manipulate electricity. Only person so far that can create an element and manipulate it. For instance a Burner can only manipulate fire but not create it.


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