Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 12 – 13)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 12 and 13.

In which: Mare begins to learn how to behave as a proper Silver. Friendship between Mare and Lucas begins to grow. Mare attends to her first class with Lady Blonos. Mare gets to see how Cal, Maven and Evangeline train with their powers while she learns to be a “lady”. Mare gets confronted by The Panther, head of House Iral. Mare gets nervous when The Panther mentions that Mareenas’s father and mother had blue eyes and she doesn’t. The Queen appears just in time to save Mare.

Then: Mare meets her next instructor. She notices there aren’t any cameras around in his library. Her next instructor happens to be Julian Jacos, head of House Jacos, Cal’s uncle. Julian shows that not all Silvers are the same coldhearted people. Mare gets confronted by the rest of the girls while eating. The Queen saves her once again. Colonel Macanthos and The Queen argue about The Scarlet Guard attacks. Mare is suspicious about Maven. Mare continues her training with Julian which focuses more on developing her powers. Mare manages to create sparks from her fingers. And she burns a few books. Julian realizes that besides controlling electricity Mare and also create it. Mare gets stressed out and run away. Sentinels catch her and Maven comes just in time to save her. Mare talks with Maven and mentions she misses her home. Maven says he can fix that.


I really like the friendship between Mare and Lucas, Lucas doesn’t seem to act like the rest of the Silver guards around Mare, he’s actually the only one that is friendly enough to talk and joker with her.

As for The Panther, it seems like she is really suspicious about Mare’s origin. She was a spy and she knows how to discover the truth, and i believe she will not stop with a single coversation. Also, Julian seems to be a good hearted Silver, however i believe he is hiding something. He doesn’t have any camera in his library and that is the only place where he trains with Mare, he makes annotations and is eager to find out what Mare really is. He may actually be trying to help Mare and he may actually be a good Silver that is worried about the future but i’m not buying it at the moment.

Also, Mare feels that Maven is hiding something, but i really think that he’s actually a good buy. He may be son of The Queen but that doesn’t means he must be evil as well as his mother.

Maven said he could fix Mare’s homesickness, let’s find out on the next chapters how the plans to do that.

Memorable Quote

Lucas gives me a moment to collect myself before nothing, “You know, we’d get there much faster if you actually moved.”

“Shut up, Lucas.”

Silver Houses and abilities detected as of yet

*Each Silver house is or known for their display of a particular ability.*

House Calore – Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

House Samos – Magnetron – manipulate metals

House Osanos – Nymph – manipulate water

House Welle – Greenwarden or Greeny – Manipulate plants

House Titanos & House Lerolan – Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

House Carros & House Rhambos – Strongarm – superhuman strength

House Provos – Telky – Telekinesis

House Nolle – Storm – Manipulate weather

House Merandus – Whisper – read and control minds

House Blonos -Blood healer – Heal themselves from apparently anything

House Viper – Animos – control mind of animals

House Iral – Silk – enhanced agility and perfect balance

House Haven – Shadow – Light bending

Swift – incredible physical speed

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare – Create and manipulate electricity. Only person so far that can create an element and manipulate it. For instance a Burner can only manipulate fire but not create it.


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