Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promo images give a better look at the fighters

At this point everyone knows how Ben Affleck will look like in the Batman costume. Early last week, a picture of the Batfleck was going around many sites. These pictures could be a bit spoiler-filled. I’m just gonna post the first promo art that contains Batman and Superman. If you feel like looking at the armor that the Caped Crusader will use to fight agains the Man of Steel, you can continue reading. I got these in my e-mail yesterday, but someone came up with it earlier.

batman1 superman1

batman2 batmanvsuperman batmanvsuperman2 batmanvsuperman3 superman2

I liked the Batman suit since the day Zack Snyder revealed the first picture of Ben Affleck standing next to the Batmobile. I loved that picture and I’m liking the idea of loosely The Dark Knight Returns, perhaps that’s reason why I’m proud of all the Batman related things from this movie. Being in a little but of touch with the script, I’m happy with the way they’re handling the Dark Knight. That armored suit is very nice and it looks very faithful to the source material.

Superman’s suit looks like the same thing from Man of Steel, but lighter and with some minor changes. The other boxing style posters are okay. One of the is very cool, the one which says “Ultimate face off” is nicely done. I’m not feeling the other ones.

Source: Blu-ray forums


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