Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man

Last week The Wrap reported the short list with the actor considered for the Spider-Man role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nat Wolff is out of the list, too tall and built like a man, even he was Amy Pascal’s favorite. Wolff  will look more like a man in the costume than a guy who is fifteen years old, which is the age that Peter Parker will have when he pops up in Captain America: Civil War. The fight is between these two: Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland.

However, there’s several complaints about Asa. He is a guy who can carry a franchise, having the title role in Ender’s Game and Hugo. Even if he’s height is a good visual alongside Captain America and someone like Thor, he doesn’t seem like the best fit for Peter Parker.

What I’m hearing – an source came with an e-mail today – and let’s keep this is as a rumor, is that Tom Holland, from The Impossible is the new Peter Parker that will appear in Captain America: Civil War. It makes sense because the actor is eighteen years old, which means he can work more than a minor. Also, tell me doesn’t look like the character. Asa may be the new Spider-Man. Tom Holland has a better chance according to the people I have talked to.

I’m doing some more digging. We’ll keep you updated.


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