Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 8 – 9)

Welcome back to the Red Queen reading series! It is time for chapters 8 and 9.

In which: The Queen(a Whisper) messes up with Mare’s head. Mare wakes up in a cage. Mare meets Lucas Samos, a Magnetron cousin of Evangelina, and the guard who takes her to meet the king. Mare is taken to the king chamber where she stands in front of the King, Queen and both princes. The king comes up with a lie to hide Mare’s true nature. Mare gets engaged with Maven, one of the princes. Mare’s is now Lady Mareena Titanos, born to Lady Nora Nolle Titanos and Lord Ethan Titanos, general of the Iron Legion. Heiress to House Titanos a very powerful lost High House. In exchange of the while acting as a Silver princess Mare asks the king to release her brothers from war and keep Kilorn from being taken to it. The king makes her wish come true.

Then: Mare gets her own set of maids trained to dress her make her look like a Silver. Cal comes into her room and apoligizes to her for taking her into this(He was the one who decided to hire her after meeting her at the tavern).Mare gets her own guards now, lead by Lucas Samos and a few Sentinels. Cal apologizes, again. Cal reveals he’s a Burner. Mare gets escorted to the feast and the Queen explains her how “she got her abilities”.


Apparently the king seems to be hiding something, fear? Perhaps. He’s trying to make Mare a symbol so the Silver can look up to. A Silver raised as Red and now Silver again is something that the Red rebellion, The Scarlet Guard, will have to fear or look up to?

The king is a Burner power is yet to be revealed but he seems to be a really powerful Silver since he can shut the queen by raising his hand, keep in mind she is one of the most powerful Whisper out there as if they weren’t powerful enough  and the queen is a Whisper, what a perfect powerful couple to be at the throne.

I’m glad Mare took this as an advantage to take her brothers away from war and keep Kilorn alive, however i still fear for how this will affect Shade’s life, he was probably helping the Scarlet Guard in a way while he was away from home.

Mare’s life now depends on how good she’s at lying. She has to make sure that every Silver believes the story of how she got her powers. Also looks like Mare is powerful enough to resist a Whisper, she could expel the Queen out of her head when she was in the cage.

Now it is time to wait, will Mare be able to lie in front of all of the Silvers in the feast?

Memorable Quote

“Magnetron, yes” he says with a waggle of his fingers. “And in case you were wondering, the girl you nearly fried is a cousin.”

“I’m sorry.” It sounds like a question.

“Be sorry you missed her.” he replies without a hint of jest. “Evangeline is a bitch.”

“Family trait?” My mouth moves faster than my brain, and i gasp realizing what i’ve just said.

Silver abilities detected as of yet

Burner – Manipulate smoke and fire.

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Magnetron – manipulate metals

Nymph – manipulate water

Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

Strongarm – superhuman strength

Telky – Telekinesis

Swift – incredible physical speed

Storm – Manipulate weather

Whisper – read and control minds

*Each Silver house is tied or known for using a particular ability.*

Red abilities detected as of yet

Little lightning girl – Manipulate lightning


3 thoughts on “Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 8 – 9)”

  1. Hi! I’m currently reading Red Queen. 🙂 I’m on chapter eighteen, so a little farther along in the story, but from like chapter two I knew I would love this book. Only one thing- the king is a burner; it was mentioned in chapter 6 or 7 I believe. 🙂 Happy reading!

    1. Haha from chapter one i knew i would like this book. And thanks! I think i missed that part, i’m going to make sure to re-read those chapters. Happy reading to you too and thanks for the comment!

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