Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 6 – 7)

Welcome back to Red Queen reading! It’s now time for chapters 6 and 7.

In which: A security search in Mare’s house is not as usual at it seems. Mare is taken to Summerton,where  she meets Walsh a Red royal servant. Mare finds out she’s been hired by the king himself to work. The Queenstrial begins. Silver houses attend to show their best daughter to the prince in order to marry him and become Queen. Tiberias Calore the Sixth, King of Norta, Flame of the North speaks and introduces his 2 sons. One of them is Cal. (Remember him?)

Then: Mare cannot believe Cal is a Silver prince. A huge lightning shield appears in the arena between the king and the Silver houses. Little girls begin to show off their powers in order to impress Cal. The building gets moved so strongly by one of them that Mare gets thrown at the lightning shield. Her clothes gets burned but she survives and falls in front of Evangeline (the girl that made the whole building move). Evangeline attacks Mare and suddenly a lightning bolt erupts from her hands. Sentinels try to catch her but she bolts past them. Then, she gets caught by Cal.

Silver abilities detected as of yet

Cloner – create replicas of him/herself

Magnetron – manipulate metals

Nymph – manipulate water

Oblivion – cause explosion by contact

Strongarm – superhuman strength

Telky – Telekinesis

Swift – incredible physical speed

Whisper – read and control minds

*Each Silver house is tied or is known for being the best at using a particular ability. To be confirmed*

Red abilities detected as of yet

Mare(don’t know how her ability is called yet.) – Manipulate lightning

Memorable Quote

“All right, hands, now might be a good time to do your thing. Nothing happens of course. Nothing happens when i need it to.”


I really like how Mare ended up having lightning powers, it was shocking(get it?).

Anyways, lightning is one of my favorite elements and i love every single character that uses it. I was also surprised to find out that Cal, a guy that was randomly sitting in a tavern, is actually Norta’s prince.

Also, seems like Mare will be powerful enough to challenge the king in the future, she managed to survive theforce from lightning shield, we’re talking about the same shield that contained explosions, metal pieces, stones and structures parts being thrown at.

The only quesiton left is, what will happen to Mare now?


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