Book Reading: Red Queen (Ch. 1 – 5)

*This part contains no spoiler*

“Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood – those with red and those with silver.”

I decided to inmediatly buy this book after reading that, and I will never regret it.

Red Queen is a really intense book that begins quite entertaining, it is narrated in first person, this gives the book an unique touch. The main character, Mare, is such a simple girl. She does what she must to survive and help her family, since they’re “Reds” and this places them below “Silvers” (for obvious reason found in the book).

The social issues in this book are very obvious since the beginning, you can find Reds being treated as a low class, even slaves and meat shield while Slivers live their rich life away from Reds, this is basically what causes the main issue in the book and why the tension keeps growing between both sides in every chapter.

*This part contains heavy spoilers*

Now, i already mentioned Mare, she’s a thief who must steal everyday in order to survive and help her family before she turns 18. Those who turn 18 and are not apprenticed are sent to war against Lakelanders to die for their nation(Norta). And those who are apprenticed stay with their masters learning and then crafting/hunting/farming goods for the Silvers.

In Chapter 1 we meet Kilorn, Mare’s best friend, who is a fisherman apprentice, they go to the arena to watch the fight between 2 champions, this is where we learn that Silvers have supernatural powers and there are various classes depending on what they are able to do, for instance the champions fighting are a “Whisper” – who has the ability to get inside a person mind and control his body, and a Strongarm – who is insanely strong. The fight is won by the whisper, called Samson, who makes his opponent stab himself with his own sword, however this is not supposed to happen in the arena, so the “Swift” guards run toward the fallen Silver and cover him. The Arenas are not supposed to be a place where a Silver dies, they are supposed to be a place where they can show off their power and superiority, sending a message to the Reds.

Anyways, the story moves foward in chapter 2, 3. Where we meet Gisa, Mare’s sister, who is a seamstress apprentice. A letter from Shade, one of Mare’s brother, comes to the house. He was sent to war when we was 18 and still lives apparently. Mare gets hit really hard when Kilorn comes to her home and tells a really bad news. His master is dead, that means he’s not an apprentice anymore and he will be sent to war(he’s 18 already).

After that Mare tries to find a way to run away with Kilorn so that they won’t be sent to the war, she finds her answer with Will who introduces her to Farley, member of the Scarlet Guard. Farley offers Mare a deal to transport her to a place away from the Silvers for two thousand crowns(almost a fortun in-book).

Anyways, Mare convices her sister to take her to Summerton so she can steal valuable things from the Silver and sell them for the money she needs. When she is about to steal a Silver a broadcast begins in all the video screen showing fire in the Silver capital, apperently a group called The Scarlet Guard , made up of Reds, declared war against the Silvers.

A woman shows up giving a message.

“We are the Scarlet Guard and we stand for the freedom and equiality of all people starting with the Reds.”

That woman is Farley.

In Summerton all the Silvers get mad and begin to chase and kill every Red in sight. The Reds have no chance to escape from the almighty Silvers. Mare tries to run with Gisa and in the disorder she tries to steal from a Silver that is distracted and when she does she gets caught by the exact same Silver, a cloner, he makes several copies of himself and surrounds Mare and her sister. A guard appears just in time to save them from the Silver but he blames Gisa instead of Mare and as a punishment he crushes Gisa’s hand, leaving her unable to sew again.

Finally, in chapter 5 we meet Cal, a random guy Mare meets while she is trying to hide from the pain she caused to Gisa and her family. They talk and he gives her some coins, he seems to be an important person by the look of this clothes and the coins he gives Mare.

At the end of this chapter we also find out that Shade, Mare’s brother, is a member of The Scarlet Guard.

That’s it for now. Tried to make a huge summary of the first 5 chapter since they are basically introduction to everything else in the story. The next parts won’t be so long, but they’ll feature a lot of other stuffs such as, silvers power discovered, quote of the chapter(s), commentary and more.

Stay Red as dawn.


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