First look at Age of Apocalypse’s Nightcrawler

I always had a little problem with superhero movies that came out in the early 2000’s. Everytime someone who had a silly costume in the comic books was set to appear in a movie they will just give that character a coat or a leather costume. It happened with Doctor Octopus in 2004’s Spider-Man 2, but it wasn’t exactly a bad move. I loved how Otto looked like, the problem comes with Bryan Singer interpretation of comic book characters. No one can deny he loves the material he works with, but sometimes I feel he is embarrased about how these characters look.

The X-Men are like his good friends who are just very, very weird and he doesn’t want people to know he hangs out with them. Do you understand what I’m saying? He loves them, but at the same time he’s a bit embarrased. Over the years the colors that Singer’s X-Men get is black… black and nothing else until Matthew Vaughn came in to work on X-Men: First Class where they looked more colorful and nice to look at. In the early 2000’s X-2 came out and introduced Nightcrawler to the larger audiences and he wore a coat, instead of his classic costume.


Let’s keep in mind the movie is set in the 80’s and also, let’s remember how Quicksilver turned out. The guy was the main star of Days of Future Past, he completely stole the show with his few scenes he is in. Maximoff looked weird, just like Nightcrawler looks in this picture, kinda dumb. Quicksilver will be in Age of Apocalypse, but Nightcrawler can be coolest character of the film, just like in X-2.  I just don’t like how he looks like. Why does Singer have so many problems when it comes to how the characters look like?

I understand the X-Men comics are very colorful and they may look very dumb on screen, but Marvel Studios and even Warner Bros. embrace the costumes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has the most comic accurate Batman costume that has ever been on film. Being in the 80’s gives Singer the chance to give costumes to the X-Men, because in the 80’s everyone dressed weird.

Maybe this is how Nightcrawler looks in the first half of the film, before joining the team or something like that. I like the nods to the comic books we see in his coat. I just feel this guy could be the frontman of a pop-punk band. I don’t like it (I’m Mr. Positive and I’m not liking anything this week).
I like Singer’s movies, but man… when it comes to how the characters look like… ugh. Maybe he is just getting used to this golden age of superheroes, when they have costumes and they’re fun to watch.

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