This is your new Joker

Probably we already know who’s the best big screen Joker: Heath Ledger .

David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, shared a picture of Jared Leto’s version of the Joker. We’re hitting the 75th anniversary of the character’s debut and this is our present.

I’m not gonna lie, this is the shittiest fucking Joker ever. This is version is so bad, it makes me sad. I saw leaked pictures which look so much better than this, maybe because in those pictures he was wearing a nice white suit. In the previously released pictures he looked creepy and neat. I loved how that Joker looked like, at least from a picture taken very far away.

I’m not sure if this is a joke from the director or if this is the actual thing. A grill? Many people say they’re actual silver teeth because Batman hit him in the mouth many times, but there’s no confirmation from the director or the actor.Some part of his face looks like James Franco in Spring Breakers or like a guy who steals wallets. The tattoos are okay, I guess, since there’s versions of the Joker in the comics where he has tattoos, but they’re not that obvious. The “damaged” tat on his forehead is beyond pathetic.

Take the grill out, the face tattoos, neck tattoos and the look is great. He is clearly not going to be shirtless the whole movie. I believe most of the scenes he is in, he will be wearing a suit. Anyways, all that matter is how Jared Leto executes the character in the movie. I really believe in him, Leto is a fantastic actor and the voice he is teasing in his concert sounds pretty great. I’m sure we will get a good laugh from his Joker.

There are nods to The Killing Joke comic book by Alan Moore. We can clearly see that in a picture released where Leto was holding a camera just like in the cover artwork and now the pose he does in this photo. That’s good, that’s not the only Joker story, but it’s good. I’m just proud that The Killing Joke is canon for them.

A story like The Killing Joke showed that the character has many layers. The Joker – in that fictional world – is a person, he has feelings. When you read that comic book, you see him when he is sad, happy, worried, insane…

At the very end of the story he has a nice little moment with Batman where they both laugh at a joke. That’s a Clown Prince of Crime I want to see, a multi-layered character. This is only a picture, there’s no motion in it… but this looks like an insane person. Lost. An animal. Does he just kills people because he is crazy? Or there’s a reason behind those actions? Did he kill Jason Todd because he want to mess Batman up or he just killed because he wanted to? Because Robin was in his way?

I don’t want a character who just looks cool, kills people, who is creepy and has a unique laugh. I’m speaking for many fans. This is not a slasher film. The Joker has personality. His mind is a horrible place. He is smart. He has goals. He is neat. The character is not only a bad person, there’s a reason why he is a bad person. If The Killing Joke is canon for them, he should have some backstory.

This thing could work in the movie, when Leto is in action, but right in this moment I feel kind of disappointed. Too bad this is our Joker like, 5 years or more. If the green haired character has this look, how is Harley Quinn be like? I am very worried that one.

However, just like I said, this could work. Maybe this is X-Men: Days of Future Past Quicksilver all over again. I would love to be proven wrong. Like it was mentioned before, there are great things about this Joker, like the hair and the smile. The eyes and the lack of eyebrows give a creepy feel to this individual. I’m not digging the tattoos.

How do you feel about the new Joker? Are you happy? Mad? I’ve seen people that are too positive about this. Leave a comment below, but avoid “Remember what people said about Heath Ledger, and look how that turned out.” There’s no fun in that argument and it’s overused.



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