Geek Broadside will start a YouTube channel

This is not movie news, but I feel the need to give updates about the site and projects that the Geek Broadside team has. A button that always has been present in the website is that little YouTube icon in the movie of the other social icons.

The desire of having a YouTube channel to expand Geek Broadside was always there, but the team was small at the time and I wasn’t sure about what should I upload to the channel. Time has passed and the site is almost one year old, time flies.

YouTube is a platform we started using to promote movie trailers only some days ago, but it will be nice to start a podcast, right? The first Geek Broadside Podcast with Marv Castillo and John Ervin will start in May. Also trailer reviews and some news will be there. Movie reviews will be there as well, some of them. This is a slow build-up to see if it works.

This doesn’t mean the site will stop and the staff will stop writing. Everything will be the same. Geek Broadside will keep itself as the site you knew back in June. We are just expanding and in fact, the team is growing. Daniel Castellano is the latest addition to the staff. Castellano will write gaming reviews and sometimes you may find other opinions written by him. Now Daniel is the gaming editor at Geek Broadside.

We hope to be able to bring more stuff soon. Thank you everyone for the support.

Stay here for more news, reviews, and rants. Visit the channel here.


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