Game Review – Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Ever thought Dark Souls II couldn’t get any harder? Well think twice, because Scholar of the First Sin is the most challenging game in the Souls Series out there.

Drastic changes made this game truly deserve the title of “Definitive Edition”, running at 60fps wtih 1080p resolution is a huge improvement if you have in mind that the original Dark Souls II was a total disappointment due to a massive downgrade in the graphics, however this version is still a long shot of what was visually promised.

Leaving all the visuals aside, i was glad when i read the game would feature new enemy placement, for example i  was not expecting an Ogre to be waiting for me in The Forest of the Fallen Giants, i mean i just spent the first hour of my gameplay killing the Ogre in Things Betwixt and now you’re making me face another one surrounded by undead soldiers? Feeling my pain now?

Tears aside, i love the new feeling that this brings to the game, transforming all the “safe areas” in the game and turning them in hell? I’m in.


Talking about hell, one of the things that make Scholar of the First Sin truly unique is the fixed multiplayer. Player count has been increased to 6 per match, you’re now able to see how many players are online in each area, and in addition to being able to connect with people in NG+ and beyond, you can now control your Soul Memory so it’s easier to find and summon your friends. This totally transforms the way multiplayer is held in the game now. Being able to be invaded by 5 Reds at the same time? Okay, now that doesn’t sounds fun at all, but just imagine the siege that you’ll have there.

Anyways, Scholar of the First Sin isn’t just another remaster title, it is the complete remake of an awesome game making it even better. If you never played Dark Souls II you may want to get your hands on a copy of Scholar of the First Sin and play it right away. This is the kind of game that will make your nerves and anxiety rise, if you’ve had sweaty hands while playing a game and never felt your heart beating in a crazy way you’ll with this game.

9-10 dark souls


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