Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One looks very good

I admire Gareth Edwards. This guy is not only a good director with a great eye, he is good at multi-tasking when he is working in a movie. The direction where J.J. Abrams is taking Star Wars: The Force Awakens is great, but we seem to forget this new movie by Gareth Edwards.

The official title of the project has been revealed and it’s called: Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One and it’s somekind of side-quel, is not an origin story, it’s a heist movie. I like heist movies. The film will tell the story of the heisting of the Death Star plans, the ones that Princess Leia hid in R2D2. Rogue One will not feature any Jedi since the film is taking place not too many time before A New Hope. Gareth in the panel also added that his Star Wars movie will feel like a war movie, which actually sounds very good.

Godzilla was beautifully shot, and I’m one of the people who loved that movie. Since the look of everything and how he handled the first and third act. He knows how to make things look very nice and crisp. He showed his talent at that when they unveiled a teaser footage for the movie, and it’s very exciting.

The teaser looks beautiful. There’s not a bit footage because they have not started to shoot yet, but these few bits of his vision are good. Rogue One‘s teaser is a concept footage where we pan down into a forested river canyon, and it pans up to show a tie fighter (I think, the image is blurry and I wasn’t at the panel) flying over everything. Slowly, we get a clear a view at the sky… there’s a huge Death Star.


I’m not posting pirated material here, there’s plenty of places where you can find the teaser online. Even YouTube is not pulling off this seconds of footage yet.


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